Now For Something Completely Different

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Now For Something Completely Different
GMDoom Wolf
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
John Cleese's Grandson
Tim the Rabbit
Brute Force
Trash Panda


Runners were to fly out to England in an attempt to find the rabbit of Mr. Cleese's grandson.


Tim, the rabbit of Mr. Cleese's grandson has gone missing.

The Meet

The Runners dress in their finest attire and are told to meet the J at the resteraunt at the peak of the Seattle Space Needle. Upon arriving they find the resteraunt has been cleared out in its entirety with only the J sat at a table with four plates prepared in front of him. The Runners sit (Trash Panda having an internal meltdown due to fanciness) and listen to the proposition to recollect this rabbit. Both Trash Panda and Ironclad recognise to J to be related to John Cleese in some manner (J admits to being his grandson), he then has a debacle with the waiter about cheese (which they have none) and promptly kills the waiter. Runners promptly accept the tickets to England.

The Plan


The Run

The Runners fly to England, the plane ride is rocky at best as the pilots seem to be messing with the passengers. Runners (especially Ironclad) are unfazed by this. (For events, please see the Monty Python Pilots sketch). They land in England and are escorted to an oppulent Mansion near the city of Bristol where the butler who greeted them was quickly put on a table by medical staff who wished to harvest his organs for the Ministry of Health as he was an organ donor. After checking out the paperwork, it was entirely legit, so the Runners let them proceed. Ironclad and Trash Panda are taken away by police to the Ministry (For evcents see Monty Python's Arguement Clinic Sketch) for badmouthing the medics, they're stuck here for a few hours before they can escape. Catseye and Brute Force track the rabbit to a boy's boarding school in Bristol wherein (after talking with the teacher) traced it to Dover.

Specifically, they found themselves at the White Cliffs of Dover and the rabbit had found it's way on a ferry to France. Trash Panda and Ironclad meet them where Ironclad uses his animal handling skills to catch the rabit and return it home.


Tim safely retrieved and returned, it was not the Rabbit of Caerbannog as Ironclad feared.


- 10k Nuyen - 3 Karma

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Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Everyone else on the run didn't even GET half the references! God I feel old!!!