Oh shit we lost our crocodiles in the sewer

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Oh shit we lost our crocodiles in the sewer
LocationSeattle Orc Underground
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Beast Spirit and his new friends
Heavy Ordnance F9 Beast Spirit
2xexperimental Crocos
4xferal Ghouls
Casualties and losses
Crocs get captured, Ghouls are Dead, Spirit is on his plane
Mundane Ascension Run


HO is called in for a run by Granny Tusk. The task is to catch some escaped (experimental) crocodiles. So HO sets out under drugs to hunt crocodiles in the sewers.


The small bio lab "Future Animals Inc." is an unknown subsidiary of Ares and researches and develops in the field of guarding critters. Their latest objects are two mutated and cybered crocodiles. The animal protection terrorist organization "Animals have feelings too" which no longer exists after this run, consisting of three over motivated hippies got wind of it and decided to free the animals. They manage to break into the laboratory and open the cages. However, the crocodiles make no attempt to escape. It quickly becomes clear that a chip installed in the head must be responsible for this and what solves such problems better than a targeted blow to the chip. Unfortunately, the reaction of the crocodiles was not gratitude but hunger and so ended the short and dubiously successful career of the animal protection terror organization "Animals also have feelings" in the laboratory of an Ares Subsidiary. The crocodiles now full, with some hippie leftovers between their teeth but take the opportunity to make off and get out via detours in the sewers under the orc underground where they are discovered and adopted by a free Beast Spirit. For a week, Ares upper management didn't lift a finger to address the problem with the crocodiles. But when a lady in the marketing department gets wind of it, it hails nasty emails. Therefore, the responsible manager decides to delegate the problem and the responsibility to the eggheads. So Maxwell, the scientist in charge, unexpectedly gets a rather large budget to solve the problem, but has no idea how to do it. Seeking help, he turns to Granny Tusk - since he comes from her old neighborhood, he has placed his children with her. You just can't deny your past, Chummer.

The Meet

Maxwell and HO meet at Granny Task's house and discuss the problem. Maxwell was able to trace the crocodiles back to a certain place in the orc underground - but then the trail gets lost. HO agrees to accompany Maxwell into the orc underground for 20,000 Nuyen to capture the animals. So a rather clumsy scientist and an orc lady make their way into the sewers.

The Plan

Taking Drugs. That was the plan - yes, I think that was the whole plan.

The Run

Maxwell and HO come to the place in the orc underground near where the last signal from the crocodiles came. HO asks around but always gets a negative reaction due to her brash behavior. The Skratcha guards in charge become aware of them and want to know what is going on. After a short discussion they are directed to a dwarf who is responsible for the sewage system in that section. HO and Maxwell are able to find him and identify him by his stench. For a small fee they get access to the sewers with a free warning about the ghouls there. In the sewer they can find after a short time the place where the crocodiles have lost their trackers and because HO is a good tracker they find a more spacious section of the sewer in which they suspect the crocodiles. But they have help from their new friend, the free Beast Spirit, and the three of them suddenly go on the attack. HO manages to take out one of the crocodiles pretty quickly, but she also has to protect Maxwell and is spat on and poisoned by the Beast Spirit in particular. She manages to take out the two remaining opponents with her last strength and Maxwell can attach new control chips to the crocodile head. Unfortunately, the shooting has attracted a few ghouls from the neighboring world, who are now shuffling around the corner. HO decides to solve the problem with a missile. She succeeds, but it calls many more ghouls to the scene. So HO grabs the crocodiles and Maxwell and after some detours they can leave the sewer again, but are pursued by a ghoul horde. Thanks to the prudent intervention of the dwarf at the entrance they can be fended off. Back at Maxwell's car, HO is able to make a call to her doctor, who then calls a colleague before she collapses. She wakes up again and was treated by a gnome. The Skratcha guards want the crocodiles to be dead and HO has to intervene again to save the situation. But then after a short time a transporter of Ares comes to pick up the critters.


Maxwell can keep his job and Ares has no PR disaster.


  • 20.000 Nuyen (10 RVP)
  • 6 Karma (6 RVP)
  • 2 CDP


  • WotS Bodyguard (10 RVP)
  • Mundane Ascension (5 RVP)

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