Once Upon a Time

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Once Upon a Time
LocationBainbridge Island
Factions Involved
Chop Shop


The team consisting of a Illiterate Hunter, Stuck-Up Ex-Military and Psychotic Face were charged to find missing people.


The Meet

Hoping onto Dandy's boat, The Team sailed to Bainbridge Island where they arrived at the docks wet and mildly annoyed due Dandy's piloting skills. At the pier a devilishly handsome devil waited for them, packing up in the SUV they were dropped off at the City Hall and told to go and find Ichabod Crane.On their way team saw a talking badger in a sweater, thinking nothing of it they pressed on. Having bit time to spare Chop Shop cross referenced the name and found it matched with few tales and "Legend of the Sleepy Hollow". Crane is a hectic man with nose larger then his face, offering 20k to find the 2 missing people Dandy tried to increase the offer a bit but failed spectacularly, huffing Crane directed the team to his secretary Snow White. Standing in front of her office this is where Baron and Chop Shop learned that Dandy can't read. As they entered the office she was in a heated debate with another woman,Baron got slapped in the back for "Kinky" comment. As the woman stormed off,failing to push Chop Shop out of her way, she grabbed her jacket and pulled red hood over her head. Answer to question "What did Crane tell you?", "30 Grand" is not the right answer. Handing the manila files to Chop Shop he began scanning the files. Targets were: A frog man, lady of the night, and a guy in German military suit without a head.

The Plan

The Run

Snow White let them down in basement where vintage CCTV was, being guarded by 3 tiny mice with sunglasses and distinct lack of Betamax, Chop Shop began working on digging thru footage, Dandy and Baron went towards Pudding' & Pie. On the way there, Frog man, one of missing people was stumbling drunkenly into the building. As they followed him inside they saw him enter the apartment. The Duo looked thru the outside window and Baron decided to go inside...through the window... Dandy tied to stop him but failed. Now inside Baron searched the pockets of now unconscious frog and found a matchbook depicting 3 Goats on a bridge, he jumped out unaware that he may traumatized a child. Meanwhile, a talking pig pestered Chop Shop while he searched, making a treat that he will shoot him if he doesn't leave, the pig took the signal and left. His search proved fruitful as he found one of the missing people on camera and 2 obese humans accompanied by a woman with red lock of hair looking mighty suspicious. The two he managed to identify as Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the woman as Bloody Mary, he relayed the information to other two. The reward for his valiant work was Hot Cocoa with marshmallows brought to him by gingerbread man. When the Duo got in Pudding' & Pie they resisted the temptations and headed strait for the owner. As Baron failed to persuade the owner Georgie to give any useful information he failed to notice even more a woman coming out of the mirror while Dandy waved at her. The owner scared of mirror hopper, they took it as a sign to leave. On the way out they bumped into headless horseless man armed to his metaphorical teeth. Dandy and Baron looked at each other and joined the fray. Dandy opened fire at HHM which prompted him to shoot back ignoring the Bloody Mary,luckly it only shattered the booze glasses, everyone else began fleeing for their life, Baron cast Chaotic World that only seemed to impact the owner and got hit with quite a bit of drain. While HHM and Dandy traded fire, Baron animated everything in the room making it dance and got shot by Bloody Mary while she fled thru the mirror. After the fight, HHM grabbed Georige and began pulverizing him. Baron and Dandy helped him. Georige revealed that Bloody Mary was part of "Crooked Man's Organisation", forwarding the message to Chop Shop they found that organisation mostly deals in protection all over Seattle and that they have a storage in Tacoma. When they reached it,HHM was in a firefight against dozen men, Baron being heavily wounded cast invisibility on himself and took a rest. Granate slipped out of Dandy's hands and rolled under Chop Shop's legs, kicking it before it exploded he severely wounded the men. Bloody Mary grabbed the missing girl and pulled a ribbon of her neck making her head fall off before fleeing once more.


The team took the pictures of severed head and called Crane for their payment, before leaving the scene.


  • ¥20,000 Nuyen
  • 2 Karma
  • 2 CPD

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