One Hell of a Wedding Anniversary

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One Hell of a Wedding Anniversary
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Katherine Tyler
Casualties and losses
Few mooks


So an idiot forgot to get a gift for his wedding anniversary and he had part of his ship wrack by his wife who was pissed off at him for forgetting again. So hire a team of runners to deal with an old friend of his.


So Mr boatman he has done his yearly tradition and forgot about his wedding anniversary and therefore he didn't have a gift when his wife reminded him on the day, so in the heat of the moment, she cast levitate on him and cause him to float up to the ceiling and then use a spirit to sustain the spell while she has a minor al burst destroying some parts of the shop. to where now he knew he was in the doghouse he had to advise a plan to be allowed back into the house and good news, he knows a few people to get back at.

The Meet

When the group of runners has arrived they would notice that the place was a bit destroyed there was now destroyed still links outside eventually they would go inside to see the man currently stuck to the ceiling. due to the levitation spell being sustained on it and after going over details which he already has some of the key information provided to help the runners deal with his old friends.

The Plan

Of course, the runners doing the classic strategy would begin to advise a plan to deal with the opposing force. such as they have contacted a few people such as a group of individuals who are against the corporations to supply them with a rigger who can be used to get away the vehicle that they are being asked to extract. furthermore, with the summoning of a spirit and a few alchemical preparations all was ready for the ambush sadly due to opposing rigger shenanigans. It would lead to a street fight

The Run

So during the meet when the engagement began happened. the books belonging to the very questionable mercenary company would be mostly killed and only a few got away, the wage mage who was employed to help protect the convoy was taken out by a heavy shot but was put into critical condition and was not slain which sadly triggered her doc wagon license. a physical adept who was trained towards being a driver decided to disengage at the beginning of combat realizing he was severely outclass. The runners proved to be effective with their volleys of fire calling out called shots upon the very durable Mr hammer two where once he was finally had his stun track filled up what act up to his honorable code and with disengage from combat due to being bested by the team


In the aftermath of the entire ordeal and with the assistance of the rigor they have employed. they made it back to the waking horrors and not so slightly horror drone shop. they would be paid by a very grateful Mr boatman and due to a discovery of a very old first edition and signed by HP Lovecraft shadows over innsmouth which will hopefully get Mr.Boatman out of the dog house.


12k nuyen (6 RVP) or 24k in gear that follows under. Foci, Weapons, Drones, Drugs, Reagents, alcy stuff and formulas. long as it's 18 abiv 4 Karma (4 GMP) and the 2 cdp

Optional for everyone.

Dana Jessica Boatman 2/1 (2 RVP) Sid Frank Boatman 3/3 (5 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Katherine Tyler

Being woken up and having to leave so quickly was a pain, but seeing a signed first edition of Shadows Over Innsmouth was plenty of reward. The 10k was nice, too. I'm just really glad out opponents weren't so loyal that they'd fight to the death, otherwise that would have been a real nightmare.


Pretty weird BGC coming from that shop, probably need to keep an eye on it. Having mostly smart OpFor was a welcome change from the usual.


This run was funny in some ways as the Johnson had a very POed SO that pinned him to the ceiling with a spirit Comrade. Remind me not to marry a spell slinger as it might be very bad for my health Comrade. The firefight that we had to do to reclaim the item(s) that the Johnson wanted was intense. Having to dodge a ball lighting spell was far better than taking that shocking hit let me tell you Comrade. I would not have to worry about getting my hair permed if I had taken that hit. My only regret Comrade is I did not get my retaliation on that spell slinger as I pulled the trigger I was not able to kill the spell worm as another grunt took the shot for him. It was a one shot one kill comrade as always but still by the time I could get a shot lined up the spell worm was knocked out and the main target known as Mr. Hammer was a far better threat to teammates.

We managed to get all the targets to either run away or be neutralized. Got the cargo and beat feet before HTR showed up. Note to self that it might be a good idea to get some supplies to change marking on a vehicle once it's captured so police will not see it so easily. Pell again was stellar in a firefight scaring folks off with their reputation alone. That worries me Comrade don't get on Pell's bad side. As for the Johnson all this run was for was to get back at some folks that stiffed him and to get a wedding anniversary gift for his POed SO Comrade. Can you believe that? Forgetting an anniversary and hiring a team to get him out of the Russian invented dog house with the SO. Comrade remind me again why it's good to be hitched?