Ophiuchus Fallen

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Ophiuchus Fallen
LocationEverett Outskirts
Factions Involved
Entropy Spider Moose
Casualties and losses
That One Spider Moose


Allow me to preface this by stating, going on a journey for the self is weird. More so than going on a Journey to the J. You get paid in only Nuyen from a run for others, but a run for the self? You get paid with something more. Introspection. I, Entropy, was having a regular day in my home. It then turned into a bizarre occurance, a raspy knock on the door, nothing like my neighbors.

Upon investigating I noticed a few things, a majestic pure white stag walking away, leading to the bus station. I knew one of two things. A: I am hallucinating, or B: I am being told to follow. I chose B.

The Run

It all started after the exit of the bus, in the outskirts between Snohomish and Everett. I truly was glad to be on the fringe of the city. It felt great. Mostly. Something was waiting from me. An unknown toxic animal that reminded me between the mixture of an ant, an elk, a spider, and a beetle. It was by all accounts disgusting. Luckily, the jacket I wear for my outdoor adventures was enough to prevent its claws. My mana was then formed into a blade as I caught its jaws, its horrid jaws. I then cut into one of its front legs, creating a gash that allowed its follow attack, some kind of acidic web, to be easily cut and outmaneuvered, then impaling my mana directly into its eye socket, twisting it inside.

Even though the primary threat was defeated, my greatest problem occurred. Disposing of this tainted creature's corpse. I had to light a fire. A fire. It took some time. Lots of self chanting. Rust was listening to the entire time to my prattling on and on. I kept saying these words, "I'm in control of this one. I'm in control." I started the fire and let the cursed animal burn to return to the earth. At this point, I find what I came for. The nettle tea that my master Baird drank when he was confused on who he is. As such, I made it.

Fun fact about tea from the area around Everett. It tastes vile. Please stick to the store bought variants. Not only are they not mild psychotics, they also don't taste a mixture between mud and bark. Either way, after consuming the concoction I found the White Stag. He led me to a clearing where I saw the stars. And one falling and falling until it collided into a clearing.

I then met someone I won't forget at that clearing. He was an orc, one of the native tribes. His name in English was "Runs-From-Wind" a name he himself was granted when he was able to outrun the gale according to his tale. We had a spiritual union in sorts, different magical traditions, different views over our guide to this location. But the same form. A great white stag that led us to this meteorite that upon our handshake in passing, cleaved itself in twain.

We both vowed, this will not be sold. We would find a use for it. I made my vow to him. I would not forget his lesson for me. My power has the responsibility to guide and protect. For me it was societal balance, and for him nature. Carrying the meteorite half home, I now in retrospection write this log in order for it to be recorded into the Haven's log.

We all must realize the perversion that out greed, our malice, and our maledictions are creating. I will erase the places of extreme malice's specters. It is what the Stag requests of me.


Initiate Grade 1 5 karma 6 CDP Outdoorsman quality Meteorite

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Looking back, Delphi was wrong. The outlook I gained was great, the trial was interesting. And above all, it gave me a deeper understanding of who I am.