Outlet Outrage!

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Outlet Outrage!
LocationEverett, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp


A tense negotiation for better working conditions has risen the need for a runners intervention.


Due to rising tensions with employees at the Ares Tactical Family Outlet: Guns & Toy Store and upper management. Taking the building "hostage" and striking till they got better benefits and security due to the alarming amount of criminal and runner activity happening in and around the store. The Ares commanding officer on the scene, Diane, wants to resolve this situation somewhat peacefully without sending in her men so she relies on more illegal means to get the job done via the shadows.

The Meet

The runners meet up at Diane's tent just pass the holo tape line. Informing the runners of the situation and showing surveilance footage of the interior where a human man was slightly rallying up a small group of individuals, all of whom armed with weaponry that could be found in the store. Their demands being Hazard pay and an increase to store security. Diana then stated if things didn't get resolved soon, Ares would have to do things the Ares way. But with the watching eyes of Horizon currently broadcasting the fiasco this would not be the best move. With these details in mind the runners headed towards the building to negotiate.

The Plan

After some routine investigation around the premisis, RC-45 was easily able to bypass the... underwhelming security and access the camera feeds and the rallying mans comm link. The mans name was "Troy Anderson" who tended to ramble on instead of follow a script. Managing to hack into the mans comm, Pycnidium described to him the situation going on and how they were there to negotiate a peaceful solution for everyone involved. RC-45 all the while doing this managed to reach out to a management building located in DownTown and after dealing with a frustratingly long answering machine was put on hold for over an entire hour. After a bit of bargaining back and forth the runenrs were left dead in the water as Troy was unwilling to budge on his demands.

The Run

Pycnidium using her spirit to slip past the... notably lacking ward/security managed to use a bit of its power to influence Troy into letting the runners inside. And it was at this moment RC-45 decided to take his leave, stating negotiations were not his strong suit and leaving the talking to Chatter box and Pycnidium. Once inside, the two managed to sit down and find out more about what was going on. Troy had only managed to gather a small group of around 5 people that were willing to give it all they had in order to demand something be done about their current situation. Most recently a minotaur runner holding one of the employees hostage with a shotgun during a confrontation with Knight Errant. Mentioning how for all the dangers associated with working here there was very little to protect them and even less pay/insentive to DEAL with said dangers. Pycnidium was able to speak sincerely to Troy, informing him of her history with Horizon and how trying to get exactly what you want from a megacorp, something so powerful and above you was a fools errand. Troy rebudling with how that mindset is one of the main reasons that allow said megacorps to have as much power as they do. After a quiet and strangely calming period of silence eventually the comm call was taken off of hold and Pycnidium managed to get a hold of the manager of this store, a man named Spencer Oliver. Inmforming Spencer of the empoyees demands, he immedately laughed at the proposal stating how they already had security and knew what they were signing up for and how they got free ammuntition crates once per month. Rebutlling the empoyees point about how horrendous the "security" actually was. A back and forth commenced between Pyc with the aid of Chatterbox and Spencer before reaching a settlement of getting the benefits of hazard pay, but only double instead of triple as well as increased security measures provided to the store. Troy agreeing to these terms provided the runners could manage to get him and his companions zero jail time (commuinity service was fine). With this in mind Pycnidium and Chatterbox headed back over towards Diana and her tent. After being informed of the situation and the agreement. Pycnidium and Chatterbox managing to talk her into going along with the terms and contacting some of her conenctions to see if reduced sentencing was possible. With everything negotiated peacefully Diana gave the runners their pay and sent them on their way.


In the aftermath of these events, Pycnidium recieved a DNI from Troy expressing apologies for how he acted. Pycnidium stating she'd be glad to grab a drink next time he was in the Barrens, which he gladly accepted with a flirty response. Chatterbox on the other hand recieving pressing information as to whereabouts of his friend Michael. A figure matching his description has been making a name for himself around the Outremer area of Seattle. With their rewards in hand and a job well done, these two up and coming runners look forwards to the future ahead.


  • 6,000 Nuyen
  • 4 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"I'd call it a victory, but I think that'd be a bit too optimistic, frankly. Ares' boot was nudged to the side, at best. Let's hope Troy learns some better resistance tactics, for his sake."


Another job and another headache from someone who thinks far bigger than themselves. can't really blame them