PILOT gets absolutely DESTROYED by ATC in SEATTLE

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PILOT gets absolutely DESTROYED by ATC in SEATTLE
Part of Clear Skies
LocationJust Outside Seattle Airspace
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
Gojira Gaki
Sora Ozaki
HBI 48
Neuro Overdrive
Two Heavy Helicopters
Casualties and losses
None One Horizon Executive and Air Crew


Sora Ozaki wants her annoying ex-husband dead. She's in a great position to help someone kill him. She calls her cousin, he calls a shadowrunner, she calls two other shadowrunners, and they do it for real cheap because Ojou wants to fight another helicopter and she doesn't care if it's dangerous.


Sora Ozaki is the junior ATC supervisor. Her ex works for Horizon carting execs back and forth from Seattle and Tir Tairngre. He is an annoying piece of drek. She wants this to stop, and fortunately, her cousin is Yakuza. Of course, she can't pay too much, but when you contract out to shadowrunners, there's always a chance that you'll get one of the braincases that just kind of wants to kill someone that day.

The Meet

After Gaki calls her with an exciting 'business' opportunity and forwards her the information of two other runners, Ojou quickly calls them up and gets them to agree to a meet in the civilised section of Puyallup. In a local Yakuza-controlled bar, Sora gives the team the basic gist of her situation, and lays out a simple scheme, Ojou, happy to help Gaki-san, agrees quickly despite a relatively-thin payment of around ¥4,000 each, which Neuro Overdrive and Athena both also accept, possibly driven somewhat by their relative inexperience.

The Plan

Thanks to Ozaki-san's connections and experience with the target, her plan is already pretty detailed. The runners will pose as a search-and-rescue team for the Salish-Shidhe, and ambush her ex when he's either on the way in or out of Seattle Airspace. Since he has a history of making false distress calls, she as an ATC supervisor can effectively quash them. The team will ambush and down the helicopter, then upon completion of that objective, immediately retreat.

The Run

Loading up Ojou's helicopter, Elizabeth, with drones, the runners make their move the very night after the meet, Athena picking up an Ares Alpha in case an emergency occurs. With Neuro Overdrive running drone control on two of their drones and Ojou's Dalmatian, the team catches their target and another heli coming over the border. Using the treeline as cover despite the impediments that poses, Ojou sneaks Elizabeth to within shooting distance of the target, as he flies close by in his WK-4. After Neuro manually releases the drones and Athena grabs a mark on the decker that's controlling the helis, the team spring from ambush.

While the opposition doesn't seem all too caught-off-guard, Athena's total matrix dominance over the opposing decker, Neuro Overdrive's use of the drones to provide cover, and Ojou's specially-modified-and-mounted battle rifle manage to down the target before the other helicopter can move in. While the nasty surprise of the awakened cargo of the target hurling a bolt at Elizabeth nearly left them vulnerable to a dangerous sniper shot, Neuro Overdrive's quick thinking allowed them to prevent Elizabeth from being neatly perforated. With Ojou rushing to recover her downed drone, Athena successfully bricked the opposing decker, and the team made it out thanks to Elizabeth's speed advantage and the distraction of the burning wreck of Ozaki-san's ex-husband.


While the J was happy enough to pay up her share, Ojou decided to lean on Gaki somewhat to get him to pay for her repairs, both the relatively minor ones to Elizabeth and the near-destruction of her Dalmatian. With that, everyone was content with simply taking their pay and leaving. Shortly after, however, a certain news brief was released...


4k Nuyen (2 RVP) 4 karma (4 RVP) (Sora Ozaki at 4/3 (6 RVP) OR 6 karma) & 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I'm unstoppable now! Pathetic ground-walkers, soon you will know the deadly wrath of the QUEEN OF THE SKIES! I will, and I swear it, rain death upon my foes; leave them bereft of hope, bereft of even the most basic conception of safety! Gaki-san's cousin seems nice. I'll make sure to call her up if I'm ever in my favourite kind of trouble.