Pacific Infighting

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Short summary of Metaplot, and what it deals with.


Federated Boeing

Involved Faction or Individual

Federated Boeing (Everett District) manufacturing, administration and housing district.

Important Members


The Federated Boeing (Everett District) has been in operation for over 90 years and contains the largest roof in the world which has five factories operating under it. Among the ten factories within the district the assembly line for the Boeing 828. The district also includes housing for the employee's considered to be too valuable to leave unprotected.

Federated Boeings goal is to maintain their operational security, keeping their employees, data, and prototypes within the districts borders. However they may also strike out in forms of pre-emptive defence or to retrieve stolen property (Data, prototypes, employee's, etc.)

Another Involved Faction or Individual

Eastern Tiger Corporation

Important Members


The recent theft of a space shuttle and shifting politics within the Pacific Prosperity Group have signalled blood in the water. The Eastern Tiger Corporation has invested heavily in Seattle but still maintains significant off shore business. Enterprising managers within their ranks have spotted an opportunity to raid the Federated Boeing (Everett District) and ship their gains off shore to minimise chances of retaliation. Hiring local Shadow runners serves as an effective and deniable method of accomplishing this