Pack's Destiny Part 1

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Pack's Destiny Part 1
Factions Involved


Pack is out running with Jazzy Dog and Gatsinule when he spots his mentor spirit, Wolf. Wolf takes off running and Pack follows, eventually reaching a field with EVO personnel searching for 'Wolf People' (Wolf disappears when Pack reaches the field). Pack summons a Beast Spirit and tasks it to search for animals nearby that aren't his dog or his horse. Meanwhile, he finds the APC EVO is using out here and tries to sneak up on the guards here. Unfortunately, Pack is quickly discovered and he tries to evade the three EVO guards by ducking under their vehicle. This doesn't work however, as they surround Pack. Combat ensues.

Towards the end of the combat, after Pack has downed one of the guards, another one breaks and runs away. He is quickly taken down by some wolf shifters who then step out of the forest, scaring away the last guard. Sharp Fang demands to know who he is, as she and her pack have never met a human who didn't try to kidnap or murder them before. After Pack shows that he communes with Wolf, Sharp Fang leads him to a small encampment and has him speak with their shaman.

The shaman reads Pack's aura and uses psychometry on him and sees his good intentions. The shaman offers to teach Pack how to fully attune to his magical potential in exchange for his help, as they do not want charity in any form. The shaman has Pack take some Red Mescaline and then causes Pack to commune with Wolf. When Pack awakens, he knows the location of the shifter encampment and how to get there from his home. Sharp Fang and Pack exchange commcodes, and then Pack heads home.


  • 15 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • Sharp Fang as a Loyalty 3 Contact

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