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Horizon News Network

Trouble at Horizon's new Party Egg?


Date: 2081-07-07

Speaking on recent rumours following a leak from staff currently working on Horizon's Party Egg, we'd like to take the time to address these issues. Having spoken with Thomas Garfunkel, project lead for the Party Egg, he issued the following statement.

There was no breach of the new LA-Based Party Egg last night. Whilst there was an evacuation of site staff, this was simply part of our new team testing the safety mechanisms put in place following the dreadful attack at the last Egg as we progress into the late stages of salvaging. Work on the new Egg is still fully underway and we have plans to open to the public shortly.

Rumours that the night team's manager Jessica Stevens has disappeared also hold no water, she has simply taken her annual leave for the year and, I am told by our European team

Jessica is currently enjoying her holiday touring the many great sights of Italy. She is due to return towards the end of the month.

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Date: 2081-07-07 By: The Professor

Really? Horizon is still peddling their bull-drek. Safety mechanisms my ass, someone decided to hit Horizon good and proper. Having spoken with a member of the team, who, for obvious reasons wishes to remain unidentified, I was able to discover

Someone must'a got paid some serious NuYen for something, they broke in to the egg and started shooting people. They weren't able to totally destroy the egg, but we were definitely leaking water for a bit. Took all night to fix the place back up again for the morning crew.

I don't know who Horizon think they're fooling but if you seriously buy into all this drek you gotta open your eye.

Even though our insider sources have informed us of people getting slotted, insider sources tell me that only one member of the security team has been given time off to recover, with everyone else having gone to work today.

...Oh and I checked with my European contacts, Jessica's not in Italy, and probably not even on the continent. Wonder what that could be about?