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LocationTacoma Beach Slums and Warehouses
Factions Involved
Sombras Negras
Casualties and losses
5 Gangers - Sombras Negras


Mister Johnson hired the Runners to Steal a car

The Runners went to the Sombra Negras Drug lab to find the owner of the car and nick his keys

They convinced a group of orks living in the apartment to help them take the car from the target under the false pretense the car was stolen from them

They reached the upper floors where a shootout started. The Runners win handily.

they reach the Target. Extort him for his keys,

They Go to the warehouse district,nick the car.

Decide to sell it to a contact for a higher payout.

return to the Target. offer him to kill the johnson who hired them to steal his car. the family he married into downstairs is dead,his wife is crying,they sold his car and do not intend to give it back,tell him, then offer to kill the Johnson for free (obvious setup)

They lure out the Johnson with a fake message and shoot him dead with one of the Sombras Negras' submachineguns


A promising Dwarf mechanic marries into local crime family. one of the Gangers sees he has an award winning contest car and looks to sell it for drugmoney.

The Meet

Mr. Johnson calls the Runners at 2pm and tells them to arrive at 3pm at a local customs shop for cars, some runners have difficulty arriving on time but they all make it,some annoyed.

Mr. Johnson gets insulted by Granuaile after she implies he is Mexican,but Poppet quickly calms him down with her pheromones.

They talk business and agree on a payment of 2k nuyen per person in addition to 2 shots of Jazz for every runner. The Johnson seems very apprehensive about the prize as he would barely make a profit after paying the fixers and the mechanics and then the Runners but he is motivated by his addiction to get a lot of money quickly.

The runners convince the Johnson to give them the drugs as a pre-payment which he has no objections to,but it leaves him antsy and without his fix.

The Runners assume the information given by the Johnson is complete as he tells them only where his cousin (wife of the Target) lives.

The Johnson informs them the Target is a man going by the name of Pedro Hermanez

The Plan

The runners plan to infiltrate the building with Drones then when they know who to look for, pose as corporate suits looking for the Target (Pedro) to make good on an outstanding mortage to liquidate his assets and seize his cars

The Run

The Runners seemingly immediatly dropped their original plan upon setting out,dressing in heavy gear with armour piercing bullets loaded. They did not wear facemasks,only ballistic masks on 2 of them.

Flyboy coldsimmed into a drone to accompany them.

The runners enter the building where they find a homeless man sitting on the ground. Granuaile convinced the man to tell her a bit about the "man with the expensive car" to which the homeless man quickly gave her some info on where to find him and that he is in fact a Dwarf,in exchange she gave the man some of the Jazz she was given by the Johnson. The Homeless man was estatic and hugged Granuaile

Going upstairs they run into some antagonistic orks and trolls. Poppet,with the help of Granuaile, convince the orks the car they are looking for was stolen from them and the orks offer to rough up some of the gangsters for them to which they agree.

on the third floor the Runners engage the Sombras Negras, a bunch of humans here looking quite like Mr.Johnson covered in the same Tattoos. There is also children here and women taking Jazz and drinking beer.

As they enter the cheerful chatter stops and as the orks enter the staircase with you the silence turns into worried silence.

They were nervous about people in military grade gear entering with the racist orks from downstairs. As they have a secret drug lab on the third floor,creating debased Jazz. The players try to convince the gangers that the car was stolen from them as Granuaile tried to defuse the situation by telling the Gangers the building might collapse under them if they do anything stupid,which,rolling a critical failure on her persuasion, the gangers saw as a threat,leveling their weapons on the runners.

Poppet,upon seeing the guns levelled at them flipped up her ballistic mask to take a hit of Jazz,something the other gangers saw as an offensive action,triggering combat.

The runners take a hit of jazz and beeing faster than the Gangsters,kill 2 people during their initiative turns. Granuaile taking her first hit of Jazz ever gets immediatly addicted to the stuff.

Flyboy hops from cold into hotsim and tells his drones to attack,the next couple initiative passes involve combat drones mercilessly gunning down surrendering and crying people in front of their families before Granuaile gets a chance to stop the combat.

The surrendered Gangers tell them where to find Pedro and beg for their lives. The runners shrug this off and go up to find him.where they find two locked doors in the apartment.

They pick the wrong door to unlock first, breaking it down with immense force,scaring the occupant who was a crazed military veteran who proceeds to suicide bomb under the pretense of "never catching him alive"

when they go into the other door they see a terrified dwarf man who they quickly disarmed and extorted into giving them his keys,he begs to please spare his wife,they ignore his pleas and nick his documents and keys.

Poppet decides to go back down where she sees the ork thugs bully and coerce the Sombras Negras family members into staying put, she decides to steal the ammo off the corpses of the gangers and steal a submachinegun off of one of them.

They then proceed to go to the Warehouse noted in the documents on the Dwarf's table

since they have the keys no one pays them any mind as they enter the gate slides open to a beautiful custom workshop,it is spotless and the metal equipment gleams in the sunlight,some dwarf spent days in here and it shows he poured his lifeblood into this custom car the supplies in here are enough to restock a repair shop and there is blueprints on the wall for custom modifications to his car. and in the center of it all stands a large automobile covered in a tarp.

They nick it and leave the place intact noting it would be evil to steal his stuff.

then they hatch a second plan

The Plan 2 electric boogaloo

They intend to sell the car to one of the Character's (Flyboy) Contact Mike Malone, a Connection 5 underground car dealer and mechanic.

They do however recognize that not doing the job will have some negative consequences so they also intend to brainwash the johnson using magic. In the End they decide to pin a drive by from the people they attacked on those people,pretending like they sold the car to the johnson and then the gang they robbed took revenge on the Johnson. (which...if the fixer isn't paid his cut by the Johnson he knows something is up but regadless...)

The Hit

The runners sell the car to their contact,managing a pretty good con check to convince him the Johnson screwed them out of the deal and they are selling the car to salvage the mission for some payment.

He buys it and gives them their Nuyen.

They return to Pedro where in the neighbourhood they see everyone is hiding from them,they did not wear facemasks.

going back up they see the orks have taken over the druglab

Pedro is crying in the arms of his wife Lizzie who is the cousin of the Johnson.

They tell Lizzie and Pedro about the run and sell out the Johnson to the affected party. Poppet then almost taunts the man about not returning his car even though they know where it is and how to get it back.

They offer Pedro and Lizzie to take care of the Johnson. Lizzie is worried because these people just killed her friends and family downstairs mere minutes ago. Pedro agrees tentatively out of rage.

They then hire a Z-sec taxi to take them to the Johnson

Granuaile send the Johnson a message on his commlink telling him they are arriving soon to lure him out of the Chop shop where Poppet was waiting,invisible thanks to Granuaile's magic (Force 6) where Poppet loads her gun with armour piercing bullets and shoots the man dead with one of the Krime Sprees she nicked off of one of the Sombras Negras, leaving while still invisible


The Fixers don't get paid for hiring out their runners and now have to contend with the reputation of hiring out loose guns to their Johnsons who will triple cross them (a really nasty reputation)

The orks take over the Sombra Negra's Jazz lab


2 Karma

8,400 Nuyen


Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That run? Not great, frankly. The Johnson was, well, a total amateur, hiring runners to your cousin's car is a bad look to begin with, but being a Jazzed-up ganger who pays people in drugs is not something you necessarily want to show at the meet. This drekhead was sending us against his own 'family', so it was bad vibes all around. I mean, not even The Jazz liked him, and The Jazz is literally called The Fragging Jazz. Sending us to an apartment full of gangers without specifically explaining that was strike two, and the fact that it was a DRUG LAB? Maybe worth talking about! Now the Sombra Negra is bad news, but we were worse. I was gonna clear them out, but the adept and/or mage (What's up with that?) said something stupid and we had to go hot. The drones go off a little half-cocked and boom, 6 bodies on the floor.

This was a problem. The Johnson would've paid us, sure, but he'd have mouthed off about the whole "killing my beloved Jazz-addicted ganger familia" so at that point things had gone off the rails. Nearly got blasted to pieces by some psycho on the fourth floor, then just nabbed the keys and the address and got the car. Now I had initially thought, alright 2 thou for a quick smash-and-grab, take the car and go? Pretty good deal, right. But (and I was on Jazz at the time) I figured then, if the Johnson is gonna be pissed anyway, why even finish the run? Flyboy knows Mike Malone, so we dropped it his way and went to tie up a loose end. Now I personally am not a huge assassination girl, but I know one who lives in my head and she loves her job, so offing the Johnson was at that point basically the dominant strategy. Gran faded me out, I took a recently-acquired unregistered Krime Spree, and I put three rounds in his center of mass. Tricky bastard had it coming, frankly. Sucks for the guy whose car we stole though, but I made like eight thousand in the end and I made it out without a scratch, so. I'm really gonna have to turn on the charm with Viv, though.


Well, that was a mess of a run. We really fragged that up. Admittedly the J offering us 1k to go steal from his own family was a nasty start, and even 2k was still pushing it, but it wasn't world-endingly bad pay. Could've mentioned the drugged up gangers we'd have to get past aswell, though half of them dropping before the drones even bothered waking up was handy. Brutally efficient runner team we had there. The orks now having access to a drug lab is slightly concerning, but I doubt they'll cook up anything much worse than what's been on the streets recently.

Getting our hands on the car was actually pretty easy after that point. I wanted a valuation from Mike as to how much the car would be worth, just to see if we were getting badly screwed by the J's payment. He said he'd need to have a look under the hood to say for certain. I think one of our faces got their wires crossed as before I knew what was happening we were walking away with 8k NuYen each. When the others started talking about murdering the J aswell? Yeah frag that, I refused to get involved with that.


Well that went odd real quick. The Johnson was tweaking when we got there, and tried to stiff us. Sure, I might have just mistaken him for a guy I worked for in Mexico City, but that's not that terrible, right? Thankfully the other face saved my hoop, and we managed to talk him up to a measly 2k. He was less than forthcoming about useful info for getting the vehicle, like where the car was, and kind of dumb, cause he told us that the guy we were stealing a car from was his cousin, which was something that we didn't need to know. He payed for that slip-up. Also for some reason everyone in their gang had the same name, which he neglected to tell us as well. Unfortunately, his comrades payed for his inability to brief us correctly. The mark was holed up with his new ganger family, and so we tried to talk our way into the building to try and settle this politely. We talked to some very understanding orks living downstairs from the gangers, and they came along to help out. Unfortunately their upstairs neighbors were not as willing to parlay, though I may have incited some less than welcoming feelings from them by being a bit brusque. Things went sideways really quickly, and before I could even pull my gun, like half the gangers were dead. I made the rest of them put their guns down, they fell back to tend to their wounded and dead. The orks might have assisted in this transition, but that's not my business. We went up stairs and Poppet lopped the door we thought the mark was behind in half, except apparently some old crazy fragger with a nade was standing behind it, and he pulled the pin, which lit up the fumes from the lab. It blew out a bunch of apartments, but I am pretty sure they were deserted. Thankfully the mark was in a bit of the floor that didn't detonate, and we squeezed him for the car location, which he gave up pretty easily. He gave us all the keys and everything. Glad to find someone with common courtesy out here in the wastes. That came back to him, too. We grabbed the car, easy peasy, and took it to one of Flyboy's contacts to get it evaluated, just to see how much we were missing out on. turns out it was way more than the J was paying, so we decided to sell it and deal with the Johnson another way. We went back to the ganger hideout, and spilled the beans to the mark. He wasn't too pleased with his family, and agreed to hire us pro bono to deal with his hoophead of a cousin. Poppet and I took a JohhnyCab to the original Johnson, and I lured him outside into the waiting monowhip of Poppet. That thing is so useful. Probably gonna have to do some free work for Alice, but I can handle it.