Pest Control

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Pest Control
Result Successfully eradicated the infected nest
Factions Involved
Mister Sarcarian
Ordo Maximus
Casualties and losses
HMHVV III infected


The runners were hired by a vampire Johnson, a member of Ordo Maximus, to wipe out an HMHVV III infected next in an abandoned station in Puyallup


The meet was in Andy's extraordinary salad drive in Renton.


The runners tracked down the infected next and used smoke bomb tactics and explosives to kill most of the inhabitants. Those that survived were gunned down.


The nest was purged


14000 nuyen, 4 karma

Player Characters


AAR: Simple job really. Clear out an ghoul nest in Puyallup. Some recon revealed there were a whole lot of them and no way was I going in there. I'm no coward but I'd rather not get bitten and turn into one of those ghoul trolls. Some explosives did the job quite easily and we got paid.



Mister Sarcarian

"The run in of it self was a cake walk, if it wasnt because i learnt the hard way that there is no such thing as a "milk run" then i'd actually think this would be one. It started like other jobs do, we got contacted met at the meet and began discussing our price and what was at stake. Was told to rid a small station of infected trouble, J didnt seem to care for how it was done just that it was done. So given our team we went to the place, did minor recon on it before we determined it was just a matter of opening the door and tossing a Flash suprise at them. Which we did, i took point with barbarian beside me. I threw the flash bang in, performing the Chuck n Charge manouver. Then we rushed in, i took cover by a empty stand and readied myself for a fight but before i even knew it the ghoul was on me. Seemed he was some kind of blood or toxic mage, didnt have aeons of time to get a good look because the next moment my face was covered in toxic blood, i tried my best not to get any in my mouth but some still got me. The blood/toxic ghoul was dealt with quickly after and i went to get checked up on. Call me paranoied but i dont think i could let me sister see that i'd turned into a Infected. And that was that of the run, we got paid and i dealt with the HMHVV infection"