Pest Control (2)

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Pest Control (2)
LocationTacoma, Seattle
Good Boy
UCAS Marines


A UCAS Marine hires perhaps the wrong three runners to deal with the problem he's having of supplies going missing from the armory of a base in Tacoma.

The Run

After some shenanigans, Setback, Good Boy, and Yuddhe manage to meet the Johnson at a cafe (with an extra squirrel). The squirrel is then chased out by the employees while the Johnson contemplates his life choices. Eventually the job is outlined and Setback, Yuddhe, and Good Boy go back to Setback's apartment to prepare for the run. Pizza is had.

They later arrive at the military base where they are let in by two of the Johnson's cronies. Setback and Yuddhe sneak their way to the armory while Good Boy gets saluted by grunts on the way. Setback and Good Boy sneak into the armory while Yuddhe remains outside. Inside, they encounter some Bandits who are stealing weapons and supplies. Good Boy barks at the Bandits, who then fire at him. Setback runs in and shoots the leader. One of the Bandits finds the trigger on the grenade launcher, so Setback grabs Good Boy and runs out of the room while the Bandits escape down a ventilation shaft. Setback tosses a pepper punch grenade down the ventilation shaft, knocking out a couple more Bandits. Setback and Good Boy tell the Quartermaster that they've been investigating the missing equipment.

Meanwhile, outside, Yuddhe notices that the Bandits are heading out of the armory and into the sewers. He dives out of the way before a grenade goes off under the manhole cover. Suddenly dozens of Bandits pour out of everywhere, and the marines run away. Yuddhe manages to convince the Bandits to live in peace with the military base, and is carried off by them through the sewers into the woods. Yuddhe now lives with the Bandits there.


  • 18k nuyen
  • 4 karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Never before have I seen a bunch of bandits carry off a guy through the sewers. I'm sure he's fine though. He looked... friendly...?