Philosophy of Abduction

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Philosophy of Abduction
LocationLonesome Jackes, Touristville
Redmond, Seattle
Factions Involved


Ares suit wants his daughter back. Find out who took her, where she is, and bring her back safely.


The gang was instructed by their individual fixers to all meet at "Fresh" a small sushi place in downtown, given the codeword, which was to order a "double saki, upside down" they were ushered into a secure back room and briefed on the mission given a picture and a name, they were off. Some of them stayed and ate some sushi. It was good sushi...that they ate. Yum.


The runners hit the net running image and name searches on the missing daughter, eventually discovering that her last social media check in was at a bar called Lonesome Jacks in the Tourist area.

At Jacks they caused a scene and hacked local hosts to find video footage of the day of the last check in.

This led them to the discovery of the daughter with her date at the bar, which they proceeded to run image searches on.

It was discovered the boy was the leader of a gang of hackers out of Redmond.

It was discovered that the boy was killed during the execution of a search warrant on the gangs hideout.

It was discovered that during the raid, 2 KE were somehow killed in action, a rookie, and his established partner, a man by the name of Vance Wyse, which was discovered to have a brother, Iasaac Wyse, who runs Wyse bounty hunting and bonding services "Get out today, Get Wyse!". Iasaac had posted a bounty as well for the capture of an individual involved in the killing of his brother - 40k.

More Discovery:

The daughter (Hanna), had taken a leave of absense from school, where it was discovered she was studying manipulation magic as well as corporate structure, she was being groomed for the Ares corporation at a private school for executives and their families. Hanna was discovered to have run off with the street gang leader, who she was dating who went by "Simon Just Simon", during the execution of a search warrant he was killed and things got out of hand, She adpoted the moniker "Rapunzel, and took over the gang. (The Flukes).

It was later learned the gang was an activist group bent on exposing anti metahuman agenda's in underlying political donation parties and corruption.

Through some further hacking and use of contacts the gang learned all these things plus the location where the warrant was executed. Arriving on the scene our heroes were circle slash fucking around and confronted guards and intiated combat immediately. Having easily subdued the not insubstantial force of the gang, the survivors fled and Hanna herself was talked into coming peacefully, she was returned to Fresh sushi, the heroes were paid.


Hanna was returned, the Flukes hideout was disrupted, many fled, some drones died, a few decker's will have some lasting headaches for a while.


8500 nuyen, 4 karma

Player Character



 T-Bone was sweating a little bit as this was in first run here in Seattle.  He had been working his way through the ranks, putting in his time, paying his dues and now he had joined the Haven.  He was considered a real professional.  His Fixer had called him about someone who needed finding.  Cash and sushi involved.  T-Bone shrugged and made his way to the restaurant.  He ran into a few other runners there.  A women with a bow, a flamboyant man on a motorcycle, and a some kind of female mage.  Being big, trogg, and made half outta metal, T-Bone felt a bit out of place and mostly ate and nodded.  An Ares exec's kid had gone missing from college and we needed to go and find her.  Ran off a month ago, but only just now were we being called in to find her.  We agreed for some cash and made our way to the last known location of, the Lonesome Jack.  T-Bone played the roll of soccer mom and carted the team around in his car, making his way to this kitzy bar around Touristville.  So they go in, grab a bite and find out that the girl has been around here lately.  T-Bone suggests that they check the tapes for the place and the biker decides to pass in out in truck to find the tapes.  I guess that works.  A few moments later, they have the tapes while the archer comes back seemingly covered in some mess that they caused inside the bar.  The girl had run after a boy, but cue a few weeks back, she is coming without the boy now, just some friends who seem to be comforting her.  Sounds like princess was dumped.  Boy looked like some cybertype, some punk kid, maybe a ganger.  As they drove away, they were receiving more intel about the girl, when they noticed someone was following them.  Kitten, the guy who someone got the tapes by passing out (I never really know how to feel around technos, don't they hump cyber?  This one seems nice enough), calls the tail on their commlink and they run off.  Meanwhile, the Bone Mobile makes it to the girl's school and it is loaded with security and scary scary Ares guns.  They decide to make a detour.  By now they had almost all the data on the girl: Hanna was smart, Hanna was awakened, and Hanna was very interested in mindmagic.  *Heavy sigh*  She had been dating this boy from the bar, but he had died in a police raid a few weeks back.  Two KE were killed in the arrest, a newbie and a grizzled vet.  Real stand up guy, and his brother put a hit out on the killer.  One call to KE and it is discovered that a female known by some alias was also on the scene, an awakened in the gang and apparently this veteran but a gun to their head.  Guess we found our girl.  We make it to the gang's location in the Barrens and step out in force.  All subtlety is quickly thrown out the window as T-Bone learns that runners in the Haven aren't just for show.  One is dancing around 3 gangers, popping them like flies, one turns into a bird thing and the techno claims he was doing some really cool drek in AR.  T-Bone managed to get off a few good shots here and there, letting them feel the weight behind his Alpha.  All nonlethal and the fight quickly goes south for the gangers.  The girl walks out with a gun and a melodramatic speech about how evil the corps are and don't they know who they are working for and we all roll our eyes.  Of course we know.  There are far worse things that they have done that you aren't even aware of.  We talk some sense into her, convince her to get into the corp world and be an ally on the inside instead of another scumbag and bring her on back to the restaurant. Got the promised nuyen and left the day without taking a scratch.  Apparently the guy with cyber arms and a machine gun isn't as scary as a bird girl and a woman with a bow who is impossible to hit. 



It's going to be hard, adjusting to the runner life, it's no longer just one arrow and I'm done, and this job was no exception. Job was to get this Ares girl back to her father, team was some biker, probably a decker, maybe a technomancer, don't know, don't care, a fairly big ork, and some teenage human punk, and a mage at that, though she also follows Raven, so I could tolerate her. Ares girl was a mage, a fragging mind mage at that, never getting paid enough for this drek, anyway, she'd disappeared, and instead of bothering Knight Errant, daddy came to us. We looked at her MeFeed, some other things, found she'd been dating some punk, and they'd been hanging out at some bar, great, bar. Anyway, we head to the bar, bartender, as usual of their kind, refused to offer up information, so the matrix biker went off to break into the host. From the staff's reaction, this wasn't a quiet operation, so I needed to play the distraction. Topple over, smash some bottles, start choking, make a big scene, and it worked. From the info we got, we headed to her university, we were tailed, but biker dealt with that. We got to the school, but decided to back off. I called a KE detective I knew, paid her what she wanted, and we got all the info of where a very similar mage ganger was. We showed up, lots of drones, gangers, and a couple spirits, I had to turn off my smartlink, fragging deckers, but it all turned out well. I had to go bird, I think this scared the biker and ork, but that's not my problem. Anyway, found the girl, she played the spoiled rich girl learning how the world worked routine, not my problem, couple underhanded threats, and more overt ones, and we got her into the van, got paid, and now I can go back to my coffee.