Popular Princess Prenuptually Pilfered!

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Date: 2081-4-26

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A scene straight out of a fairy tale turned into one straight from a horror movie as onlookers watched helplessly as 'Princess' Rosemary, beloved UCASian sweetheart and winner of 2079's 'The Bachelor: Royalty Edition' was seen carried off by an unknown perpetrator last Friday. The kidnapper, according to multiple eyewitness accounts, was seen as having swung in from a side balcony and, in cruel circumstance, literally swept the princess off her feet in front of her husband-to-be. The move has set celebrity circles abuzz as the rumor mill continues to pump out theory after theory, in hopes of reaching some sort of reasonable explanation to such a senseless act. Many have denounced the heinous abduction, demanding 'Justice for Rosemary' in a massive outcry of public support. Many guests to the interrupted wedding were seen tearfully leaving the venue, and footage here showed Prince Dunkel himself being carried off on a stretcher, fraught with the shock of the ordeal. 'Prince' Dunkel West's publicist had released a statement in the hours following stating that the groom is 'awake and alert' following his exit from Tacoma's Emerald Palace Casino, and is 'doing well', but that he is 'beside himself with the loss of his love on the most important day of his life', that his family 'urges privacy for West and his family in this tragic time.'

The Princess' family has not, at time of this publication, responded to Horizon's request for comment.

UCAS authorities have urged anyone with knowledge to come forward and contact local Knight Errant law enforcement. A fan outpouring has collected a four hundred thousand nuyen reward for the Princess' safe return, with and the Dunkel West estate has pledged to match all donations raised, in stated hopes of 'being together again, just like before'. This story is still breaking and we're here to keep our viewers posted. Live Horizon News Network coverage of the topic continues as the stories because at HNN, the sun never sets on what you need to know.

I'm James Littleton and from all of us... Thank you for watching, and good night.