Portugal, The Man

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Portugal, The Man
Result The Team extracts Enduring Resistance member Holly 'Spraypaint' Nicholson for a conversation with, Miranda S. Wolfe.
Factions Involved
Horizon Enduring Resistance
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
None None


Horizon wants to keep Holly 'Spraypaint' Nicholson 'safe'.


The crew all finds themselves at a very swanky bar in Downtown where the Horizon johnson, Ms. Miranda Wolfe, texting away. After everyone is seated, Ms. Wolfe begins her presentation. After some back and forth between ManaHack and Fischer the team accepts the job for sixteen thousand, four thousand up front the remaining to be paid after delivery. The only instruction is to not cause casualties.


The runners take to the skies in Fischer's airship. Witchblade stays on the ground and returns home. Once the airship reaches cruising altitude Fischer and ManaHack get to work in the matrix to find out everything about Holly 'Spraypaint' Nicholson. In the meantime, Witchblade leaves her body and her astral form heads over to the Enduring Resistance hideout that Holly calls home. There Witchblade has an astral conversation with two mages keeping guard in the astral. Thankfully the conversation goes well. Crosley sends his mind out to the hideout and can give the hackers a rundown of machines, drones, and the number of Enduring Resistance there. Of special note, there was a man on life support which piqued the interest of the hackers. They were able to discern that, TERRO, a murderous technomancer suffering a degenerative disease was also helping them. The decides that it would be easier to catch Spraypaint while shes out vandalizing than at home. That evening Witchblade's mother gets sick with withdrawal symptoms, and she makes the dangerous decision to take her mother to a local clinic in Touristville. Two orks hopped up on something cause problems for Witchblade which she quickly dispatches with her sword. After that, her mother can get the treatment she needs. The next day the team heads to her next target. Crosley jumps out and heads to a cafe to search for Spraypaint. Witchblade is in the astral watching the two mages she made contact with previous. ManaHank gets to work GIGO'ing Spraypaint's communications telling her to come down and giving her a fake ARO path that leads to Fischer's vehicle. Once Spraypaint is inside she sees she's been duped and begins struggling with ManaHack in the vehicle. After a pink paint grenade goes off Spraypaint is finally subdued. Fischer and ManaHack Call Ms. Wolfe and arrange the handoff at an MCT storage facility.


Ms. Nicholson ends up 'safely' in the hands of Horizon and the runners are paid 16,000 nuyen and received +1 Horizon rep.


16000 nuyen, 2 Karma, +1 Rep, Horizon

Player AARs



16,000 Nuyen +2 Karma



16000 Nuyen +2 Karma

10000 Nuyen WFTP 5 Karma

6000 Nuyen 7 Karma