Precinct Penetration

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Precinct Penetration
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Hard Corps
Sea Breeze


Chloe Green needs a name and calls a couple of Shadowrunners to find out who.


Chloe Green´s mysterious friend was harassed by a certain Hard Corp cop, so she needs someone to find out who it was, so she may ruin his life.

The Meet

The meet was held in VR, where both Seedbomb and Sea Breeze met the J, who introduced herself as Chloe Green and explained that she needed detailed information on a certain cop, after a bit of a back and forth regarding the payment, she gave them the some vague details and sent the runners on their way.

The Plan

The plan was to first investigate the area from within the matrix and locate the precinct where the target worked (It was determined that there was a data host nested within a destination host), after that Sea Breeze talked her way into a "job interview" to access the restricted area of the building, using an invisibility spell to install a datatap, which would be used by Seedbomb to hack into the main node and get the information required.

The Run

After a fast talking her way in and waiting in line for an hour, Sea Breeze manages to install a datatap onto the telepresense trid-projector (with hardware guidance from Seedbomb) and quickly left the area. Meanwhile Seedbomb worked his magic, making his way through the destination host into the data host proper. After briefly contacting Chloe to try an wrangle more information about the target, he forks, cracks, and copies the personnel files. This alerts the host, but even with the minor mishap of his SIN starting to broadcast due to a glitch he leaves without much trouble. Back in the truck, the team successfully narrows it down to two files, and use a quick P2.1 search to get a few pictures to pass to Chloe.


After giving the data to Chloe the runners were both properly rewarded and went their separate ways.


¥6,000, 5 Karma, 4 CDP or Chloe Green at 2/1 or 1 Chip with Chloe Green and 2 CDP.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Sea Breeze

Well, it wasnt a bad run per se, I just wished the J would trust us a bit more and be more clear with the details.


Highly annoying to look for data with just about no information on said data. We managed. Teammate was competent. Now I can get back to my studies and contemplation, I'm close to something.