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<ShadowHaven Host News Feed Date: 2081-5-21>

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UCAS Tonight

The search is still on for the missing Princess Rosemary. It has been a little over month since she was kidnapped from the altar and Prince Dunkle West is still asking for all hands on deck. He has followed with the current statement, "She is out there somewhere. I can feel it. I'll rescue this princess if it's the last thing I do." Prince Dunke has allocated resources of a little over two million of his own funds into the search for Princess Rosemary, even to the point they have been checking the harsher areas of Seattle. No ransom demands have been made still.

-Johanson Morigan UCAS Tonight


"No Ransom... No Princess.... We demand a ransom so that we know she's alive." -L'ain Loramel

"L'ain you're hillarious, I bet she's going to just show right up like nothing was wrong, she just got cold feet." -Rury

"It's Romantic for sure, he's willing to give his all. If she did run out I hope she feels bad for doing so." - Portia

Horizon News Group


<A Video feed of the kidnapping plays with a IF YOU KNOW ANY INFORMATION PLEASE CALL THIS SEMI-FREE HOTLINE>