Princess Rosemary found dead

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<ShadowHaven Host News Feed Date: 2081-6-4>

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UCAS Tonight

Sad news today as Princess Rosemary was found dead at a warehouse in Bellevue. She was found burned inside a warehouse today after fire control was called to the scene. The only evidence at the scene was a note stating "You ignored the masses' demands, now weep as your individual is severed from you." Prince Dunkle west had this to say, "I don't know what demands they're talking about we never even got a ransom or heard anything until now" With that we will keep you updated on UCAS Tonight

-Johanson Morigan UCAS Tonight


"We at TMZ pay our respects to Prince Dunkle's loss of his fiance." -L'ain Loramel

Horizon News Group


<A Trideo memorandum is playing in the Horizon station for Princess Rosemary>