Purkinje Submersion Run

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Purkinje Submersion Run
LocationResonance Realms
Purkinje Purkinje
Casualties and losses


Purkinje relived various key events of her past for The Archivist to study.


The Archivist took slight interest in Purkinje, but wanted more information to store, so it offered her resonance info in exchange for her past info. It wanted 7 key events from her recent history, all of which were recreated using a mix of her own memories, and resonance data.

The Meet

The Archivist called Purkinje and requested she go through 7 key events of her past. To accomplish this, it brought a powerful free sprite to create a resonance portal.

The Plan


The Run

Purkinje was placed in a resonance realm room with 7 doors, they were as follows:

Chastity: Purkinje must fight her inner demons

Temperance: Purkinje relives her family’s betrayal, and the events shortly after running away.

Charity: Purk, Johnny, and an unnamed razor girl stole a deck from a gang that knocked down a truck full recovered decks from runners

Diligence: Purkinje relives her attempts to study the resonance

Patience: Purkinje relives the events just after Johnny Blitz’s death

Kindness: Purkinje relives being taken in by Johnny Blitz

Humility: Purkinje relives one of her first host dives, on a run where Johnny Blitz fell into a trap and needed her to open up the facility


Purkinje got through all 7 trials alive, and completed her resonance task.


14 karma, discount on next submersion

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

When the Archivist approached me with an offer of otherworldly knowledge in exchange for knowledge about me, I was hesitant. I wanted to know about the world beyond, but I didn't want to dig up my past. It was another review of my internal files, it seems. I went through some of the most traumatic scenes in my past. Things didn't quite go the same. Some things couldn't be changed, though. I saved TAC instead of running away, for instance, but I still couldn't convince my parents to love me. When I came out the other side, and the Archivist knew what it wanted... well, I only wanted one thing. I wanted to know all I could about my sister. I wanted to know what happened to her. She remembers me, I found out. She wants to understand me, but she's afraid to reconnect. She also must've found a technomancer to reveal the watermark I left for her, so she's in contact with a technomancer somewhere. Someone who wouldn't sell me out to Telestrian. I'm going to find my way back to her. My parents are going to be a problem, and they will continue to be for the rest of our lives, so to deal with them for a long time, I declared the Chal'han. I will utterly destroy them. Their honor will be in tatters. They will be forced to recognize my power and realize what could've been.