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Pyro [Semi-prime]
Status Success
Factions Involved
Ares Macrotechnology Aztechnology
Units involved
Security Kitten
Mister Sarcarian
Brother Abraham


The runner met the Johnson at the Sea tac airport. At the airport the runners were directed to check in with the provided ticket at check in booth 4 and then were directed to a security check point where they were allowed to pass through and escorted toward the Johnson. while talking with the Johnson, the J really Irritated Sarcarian. after the meet was concluded the runners were guide to a private jet that will be used to drop them off at the oil platform.


The runner jumped out of the plane with the para suits provided and landed undetected nearby in the water. While swimming toward the platform, kittens life vest malfunction by the drop in the water and caused him to beginning to drown as it compresses his neck. Booker saved kitten from a unfitting doom. Finally arrived at the oil platform, they climbed up and entered the lower area where they encounter the first patrol that was hunting for a predator in the darkness. After the patrol has passed, the predator revealed itself to the runners. I was a high force wild spider spirit that wanted to use the runners to achieve it's goals. The runner not thrusting it forced it back without firing a shot and continued forward toward the research deck where they engaged the security and lowered down in the hive where they fought against a horde of wasp spirits and obtain the sample that the Johnson required. after that they began to ran for their lives as the queen decided to hunt them down. Running past security, drones and other security devices to get away from the queen and obtain the personal objective of Sarcarian, his lost sister. They find the sister and "confirmed" that she was not a bug spirit and went for the escape boats to leave the sight. Leaving the sight the runner get picked up by Aztech and see the facility blow up taking the queen with it.


The runners got paid and Aztech got the sample of the fungi that could control low intelligent bug spirits. For Sarcarian though he got his "sister" back .. only to die at "her" hands later that day.


u/Chat-Rat as Kitten
Rewards:44,000 Y 7 karma

u/KPsyChoPath Mister Sarcarian
Rewards:44,000 Y 7 karma

u/SCKoNi as Booker
Rewards:44,000 Y 7 karma

u/Sadsuspenders as Brother Abraham
Rewards:44,000 Y 7 karma

u/mahrab as Ashe
Rewards:44,000 Y 7 karma

Ashe rubbed her head as Dr. Pearce performed a final check up on her before discharge. After taking a .308 round to gut from a ceiling mounted auto-turret, Ashe had fallen unconscious and been extracted by the rest of the team. She had taken a big risk assaulting an Ares black site with her background as a Firewatch cadet, and she was glad that she had been hired alongside a team dependable enough not to leave her behind, and grateful that Booker had rushed her to a doctor as soon as they made it back to shore. It was also a stroke of good fortune that the entire black site had self destructed, taking any evidence that might incriminate her to the bottom of the ocean. As Dr. Pearce finished her assessment, she concluded that the injuries were beginning to heal nicely, and Ashe would be fully recovered in no time. Booker was waiting outside as she left. He filled her in on what had happened after she got shot, escaping from the oil rig shortly before it self destructed, and meeting up with their employer. Later that day, Ashe would learn the true depth of her failure. When she stood face to face with Sarcarian's sister, assensed her aura, and made the critical assessment that she was a vampire instead of an insect spirit ((glitch, I think)), Ashe had signed Mr. Sarcarian's death warrant. She was horrified when Booker showed her the video of Sarcarian's sister, now a nymph, killing Sarcarian in his home. Ashe resolved to help hunt down the nascent queen and terminate her hive. She had ot put things right.