Rabbit's Initiation 1

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Rabbit's Initiation 1
Result Rabbit initiated and gained Dragonslayer as a mentor spirit
Factions Involved
Viktor's gang
Commanders and leaders
Erika Howard
Units involved
1 Ganger
5 HMHVV I infected
Viktor Marchenko a powerful banshee adept with a weapon focus katana
Casualties and losses
1 Ganger
5 HMHVV I infected
Viktor Marchenko


Rabbit was walking the streets when a voice in Rabbit's head (Dragonslayer) instructed her to go help a weeping voice, in an effort to redeem herself of her sins. The weeping woman, Erika Howard was a poor single mother who's 16 yr old daughter, Liz, had gone missing since 2 days. Being SINless KE was of no help. Rabbit agreed to help the woman for no charge.


Rabbit broke into Erika's apartment to investigate, while startled and defensive at first she asked the help of a seemingly honorable thief, Rabbit.


Rabbit began the investigation by calling up one of Liz's friends Jacqueline, who seemed to be actively hiding info and scared. Rabbit was able to find one of Liz's favorite hangouts, the 4 Roses strip club in the barrens. There she found Jacqueline coming out and walking briskly back home. Jacq while under aged was secretly working there out of sheer desperation and poverty. Rabbit followed her home and found out that Liz, Jacqueline and one other friend worked at the strip club, without their families knowing. Rabbit was also able to find the next lead: Shawn, Liz's older dwarf boyfriend and drug dealer. Rabbit paid Shawn a visit to his office, to find Liz used to get free drugs from Shawn in exchange for favors. But recently she dumped him and moved on with an unnaturally handsome elf named Viktor Marchenko, who has his own growing gang and operated near the Plastic Jungles. Rabbit tracked down one of gangers who baited Rabbit into a trap, blasting her with a shotgun. Rabbit took the ganger down who oddly seemed to know that Rabbit was infected. He begged to be transformed. Rabbit transformed him and left him staked outside for the sun to destroy him. Rabbit found the final clue and tracked down Viktor to an underground rave club, where a small group o HMHVV I infected were luring party goers in and feasting on them on the dance floor. She also saw Liz in Viktor's arm, unconscious while he was draining her essence. After Rabbit dispatched the infected goons. A fierce duel began between Viktor and Rabbit, where she was hurt badly but prevailed thanks to the aid of Dragonslayer. Rabbit slew Viktor and took Liz back to her mother. While she got most of her essence drained away, Liz lived. Dragonslayer was pleased at this and offered Rabbit his boon as well as the knowledge to initiate.


Rabbit initiated and acquired Dragonslayer as a mentor. Viktor and his gang of HMHVV I infected were wiped out. Liz was back safe with her mother.


10 karma, Mentor's spirit: Dragonslayer at chargen cost.