Rabbit's Initiation 2

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Rabbit's Initiation 2
GMmitsayantan (Dusk)
Result Rabbit initiates to IG3, buys Watch the suit for 6 karma and imbues her weapon focus with Alliance. Rabbit also burned 2 edge!
Factions Involved
Ordo Maximus
Commanders and leaders
Hannibal Octavius Corvin
Units involved
3 Shedim possessing Ghouls
1 Horrowshow Frankenstein
Casualties and losses
3 Shedim possessing Ghouls
1 Horrowshow Frankenstein


Dragonslayer visited Rabbit in her dreams warning her of the evil that plagues this city and the impending doom, with a vision of a Shedim invasion. Rabbit wakes up to find a vampire ninja in her apartment bearing an invitation from the chapter master of the Seattle Ordo Maximus.


Rabbit was taken to a mansion in Everett where Dr. Hannibal Octavius Corvin, a nosferatu mystic adept blood mage, the chapter master commended for getting rid of their rogue member Viktor Marchenko. He offered her a place in her covenant should she prove herself to him. Hannibal wanted Rabbit to investigate a bunch of disappearances among Ordo Maximus members and the rumor of a massive ghoul named Frankenstein and his ghoul posse feeding on HMHVV I infected flesh. Rabbit was to be assisted by the vampire ninja Makoto, a vampire mace fighter Smashman and a banshee aspected spellcaster Anti-priest.


The clues led to the vampire hunting ground and OM owned nightclub "Confession" where there were reports of vampire/banshee disappearances. The neo-gothic club was crowded and it seemed some suspicious fellows were hanging around. CCTV footage showed some twisted looking ghouls ripping vampires in half with incredible strength. The team split up to search for ghouls. Anti-priest given his liking to young girls was led into a booth and was missing for longer than expected. The team found Anti-priest paralyzed in a booth being devoured alive by a ghoul. The ghouls were heavily mutated and displayed strange powers including a chilling aura that brought out irrational fear among those around them. Rabbit avoided being vanquished and despite scared shitless, managed to fight and defeat the demon ghouls at a handicap. They found that some kind of spirit was attempting to possess the dead body of Anti-priest before Rabbit cut his head off. The team took some bodies and made out of the now chaotic and panic striken club before KE arrived. An overnight autopsy revealed that the ghouls were possessed with residual signature of Shedim.

The team tracked down to source of the Shedim in the sewers under Rat's nest where they found Frankenstein perfoming rituals to raise more shedim. Rabbit sneak attacked him with an AV rocket nearly killing him, until he decided to sacrifice himself and become a Horrorshow Shedim. Rabbit tried using everything in her arsenal to bring down the monster, but was unable to. Finally the monsters was killed by a power sunbeam prep. Rabbit also decided to kill Makoto and Smashman with rockets, deciding to betray Ordo Maximus. Rabbit was able to convince Hannibal that they died at the hands of the shedim, but refused payment anyway and refused to meet him at his mansion.


Unknown to Rabbit, Hannibal was conducting Shedim summoning rituals trying to bind them to bodies of expendable ghouls, trying to harness their powers, specifically their enhanced regeneration capabilities. Things got out of hand when Frank (Frankenstein), a troll ghoul aspected summoner broke out and later made a deal with a master shedim, bringing destruction and death on those who wronged him, Ordo Maximus while building a powerful army for the faceless Shedim master.

The master shedim Charles Seaver's plans for a secret Shedim army was disrupted. He was planning to use the possessed ghouls to spread chaos in Redmond, making it hard to conduct a proper election in Redmond and ensuring police vigilance. This would make things hard for Sonya Scholl and Vaneesh Ibn Kalanyr. But it is only a minor setback.

Hannibal's plans suffered a setback as he wanted to learn the secrets of Shedim from Frank but he was unable to get his body back for his blood necromancy ritual.

As a result of Rabbit's suspected betrayal. Hannibal is now distrustful of Rabbit and thinks of her as an enemy of Ordo Maximus rather than a friend.

Makoto and Smashman's bodies were taken over by powerful Shedim

Rabbit has gained the attention of infamous vampire hunter, Martin De Vries. For better or for worse.


20 karma. -2 Rep with Ordo Maximus

Rabbit initiates to IG3, buys Watch the suit for 6 karma and imbues his weapon focus with Alliance. Rabbit also burned 2 edge!