Rabbit out of the hat

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Rabbit out of the hat
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Rival Techno
Casualties and losses
Rival Techno's pride.


Energizer recently has been dealing with some problems with their ability to hack on the matrix and one creature appeared to have taken a like this towards them the paragon Black Hat


The matrix is always an interesting sort with things moving about and people interacting with it and furthermore how it has a strange connection to the residents a place where matrix entities such as sprites and paragons thrive and sometimes they take an interest in the people moving about meatspace.

The Meet

Engergizer woke up to a floating black hat on their AR and was given a task to do something for Black hat. and showing them a tiny part of their own pass

The Plan

Black Hat gave Energizer a few tasks after they arrived in the resonant realm, where they must go out into the wider matrix and find a technomancer who is connected to its polar opposite and sneak into the place to acquire one file then leave behind one file there, as some type of weird game being played out. Sounds easy right?

The Run

Of course, it was a lot more difficult than they sound because they would have to identify someone who is connected to the opposite and then somehow acquire a piece of information from them, they would eventually realize maybe going to the archives would be a good idea and after spending a while there leading to a bunch of false leads before they get the idea of asking one of the sprites there who happened to be a force 10 data Sprite who has a bit of corruption due to dealing with the dissonance. they watched trick the runner into allowing 3 marks for some strange game that Energizer could not identify and was a bit scared when puppeteer went off from the Sprite. Sending them to another part of the archives and to a hidden back door to a host, owned by another technomaster. Energizer would sneak in and copy the file, and leave behind the one given to them by Black Hat, before being spotted by the owner of the host and going into a mark battle, which the owner would lose the fight and log off the matrixes, telling the bunny that it was a good fight. Energizer would return to black hat, telling the paragon that the mission was done and would be returned to the waking world.


upon waking up they would fill their mind being able to expand further their ability to calculate and process data much more fluidly. they completed their tasks and was offered a bit of power


16 Karma RVP 2CDP

Optional Analytical Mind at Chargen price

Hair Trigger at Chargen price

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Energizer As usual, the Resonance Realms are a strange place... Black Hat sought me out, and requested I help him with his feud with The Builder, and, well... One doesn't simply turn down a Paragon. So, of course I accepted his task of cracking into one of his followers' hosts, and planting the file he requested me to. Took a bit of work to find, but with the help of a friendly Sprite, I managed to track it down, and made my entry. Things went smoothly right up until they didn't, and I found myself facing off against one of The Builders' Technomancers, which I found quite concerning, up until he kept bouncing his marks off my defenses. Seemed to be a race to 3, because once I hit that point, he bowed out, and let me finish planting the file. And I made quite sure nobody could possibly miss it.