Ray & Rey Of Sunshine

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Ray & Rey Of Sunshine
Part of The Crow of Seattle
LocationUnited Kingdom
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
The Black Lodge
Finsworth Twins
Charon Ray Finsworth
Rey Finsworth
Finsworth Butler
Casualties and losses
Everyone but the butler.
This was an initiation Ordeal


Charon gets revenge, this time in another country.


The hundred year old vampire has carried a vendetta for decades and has finally begun to collect the toll for the assault she endured all those years ago, one perpetrator at a time.

The Meet

Mr. Herenight has a letter sent to Charon to meet him at an undisclosed location where he and his banshee pet offer Charon a job. Well, maybe 'offer' is too generous, since she's lacking any choice in the matter. She is to travel to the UK and get into a protected private mansion, retrieve a grimoire and some orichalcum and leave. Fortunately, for added motivation, it's possessed by the twins on Charon's list of vendettas. Naturally, she agrees and takes the flight, having endured Herenight's castigation about trying to keep a lower profile from now on.

So We're In The UK. What Now?

The plan is to go in and kill the Finsworths. Considering her situation, however, Charon chooses to be a little more discreet and...

Knocking On The Front Door.

Claiming to be a courier delivering a package that she has to have signed first-hand and masking her aura, Charon waltzes right to the gate and rings the buzzer. Miraculously, she's let in and delivers the 'package' to the Finsworths personally. Neither of them, now elven mystic adepts, are surprised to see her considering her past exploits were anything but subtle.

While she maintains her composure for the most part before the two powerful nobles, Charon asks to be given a tour of the mansion -- after all, what's she going to do to the both of them, given they likely have all the tools to take care of her? The twins are amused and agree, letting her see the grimoire and what-not, even showing off a safe (which they obviously don't open) after she mentions she was asked to retrieve some things from their cold, dead hands. While she gestures to her aura and indirectly suggests to the existence of a geas, she offers to cut a deal with the twins that'd get them working together.

Charon's offer is the following: the three of them join forces, she keeps influential people off the twins' backs and they help her take down her father, since it's a matter of time until he tries to ensure nobody ever finds out she existed, the twins included. Since at the moment his hope is most likely that she goes out taking out any other loose ends, the three of them working together is his worst nightmare. The twins are understandably cautious before a vampire offering them a deal, but eventually (maybe thanks to Charon's unnatural persuasiveness) agree to this. Holding out a knife, they ask to seal a blood pact out of chivalrously spirited classic habit, but Charon's too suspicious of any blood-related magic after what saved her mere months ago.

She activates her horror-like power and practically rips one of the Finsworths in half with a superpowered kick. While he sends an overcharged Sunbeam at her in his dying throes, she dodges it and runs the other one down out on the lawn, ripping his head off and going back to the house to fetch the grimoire and break open the safe to take the orichalcum.

The Exfil

On her way out, however, a lone butler pumps Charon's back full of buckshot and downs her dead on the lawn. Reloading and emptying both barrels into her face, he leaves promptly, having expected to confirm the kill with that. And yet, the blonde vampire regenerates from the excruciatingly painful injury and heads to her hotel, wearing barely cleaned clothes and rinsing them off in the bathroom of her suite. Herenight's there to applaud her for her success, accepting the bounty of the grimoire and orichalcum. Charon's not exactly sharing his joy since she's in excruciating pain, but all in all, GG EZ.


  • The Finsworths are dead.
  • Mr. Herenight has a weird book and some orichalcum!
  • Charon is two steps closer to having her revenge be absolute. Only Benny remains.


  • IG8 discount
  • 5 karma
  • 10 CDP
  • Out for Myself @ chargen price
  • Watch the Suit @ chargen price
  • 2 chips on Mr. Herenight for services rendered

Charon's Report

Fuck you both. You're going to Hell and you know it. I'll follow you eventually, but not before I'll send Benny down there as well. He's the last one of you fuckers left. Once that's done, I can finally stop doing this and rest easy knowing you assholes are six feet under where you belong. Nobody should get away with the shit you did. Nobody. And soon, nobody will.