Real Squirrel Hours

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Real Squirrel Hours
LocationBellevue and Redmond
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved


Tanya gets kid napped and while she's making friends with her abductors, Cyrrel breaks in and ruins everything!

Waking Up

Cyrrel wakes on the roof of his building. High places are nice and he needed to sleep in a little. As he's getting his bearings he notices some gangers on a neighboring roof selling drugs. The drugs aren't an issue, but gangers might know about 'Weeners, so he jumps and sails through the air on his wing suit making a not so graceful landing, all so he can ask them about any Halloweeners in the area. They don't know anything so instead he buys some blue betameth from Weasel and Twiggy Jim since they can't source him any K-10.

The Call

After taking his leave of the gangers by jumping off their roof, he sails toward the ground. While he's in the air, he gets a call from Deulara Leorel. He doesn't know her, but she's pretty so he takes the call, eventually finding out that Tanya has been kidnapped. He's on the fence about this, but eventually realizes that if Tanya isn't around he's not likely to get any more calls for work. This simply will not stand. He gets the location of the stealth tag that she has implanted and gets to work.

Not Planning

While planning itself is rather boring, he realizes he might need a few things so he goes back to his apartment. Cyrrel throws his armro, grenade launcher, some mags and small plastic squirrel toys into his bag. Then he's off. Yes, jumping off his building for a second time, this time stretching the glide as best he can to clear the wall into Redmond. The anti-air systems are not yet fully installed, but the do pick up on him a little bit and he has to make quick work of getting behind cover when he lands on the other side. He changes out of the wingsuit in an alley and heads toward the address.

Street Performers are the Worst

Near the address he happens upon a street performer doing some prestidigitation in the form of three card monte. While he watches the performer has a bad time as Cyrrel continually calls out his attempts at palming. This clears out the gathered onlookers pretty quick and the performer tries one more time to impress him, but Cyrrel again spots the trick. The performer packs up and moves on attempting to get away from the mean squirrel person.

Dropping in Unexpectedly

Reaching the address, he realizes he can go in loud or try to impress Tanya by getting a little sneaky. Maybe then she'll get him more jobs! So he climbs to the roof of the building and finds an HVAC maintenance grate with a simple lock on it. He spends some time on it (learning a rank in locksmith) and pops it open. Then he's into the vents before climbing down some shelving near the captive fixer. This is where things get messy. He tries to bite the nearest goon and misses. The surprised goon and his friends then set in trying to kill him. There are six of them including a hacker and five guys that want to shoot a lot of bullets and throw grenades. Luckily Cyrrel huffs some Kami and runs around whipping them until they loose limbs, shoot each other or wind up on top of their own grenade all while Cyrrel barely manages to not get Tanya shot. It pays to be quick.

After Party

After freeing his fixer, the pair run out of the building and she calls Clyde who offers Cyrrel some Zen. He overdoses and passes out waking later in a hospital. Cyrrel learns that he was lucky to have Narco otherwise his overdoes could have been so much worse, nevermind that his overconfidence with drugs is probably due to the treatment in the first place. Eventually Tanya invites him to an OtherCon picnic and even gets him to cook something that turns out mostly terrible. He has an okay time, though. There are lots of babes there.


Membership in OtherCon (6 RVP)

Loyalty 2 with Tanya (2 RVP)


Optional Contact: Deulara Leorel (C4/L2 OtherCon Rep) for 5 RVP or 10 CDP

Optional Contact: Dr. Elijah "Snowflake" Turing (C4/L2 Exotic Physiology Specialist) for 5 RVP for 10 CDP

Optional Contact: Clyde (C2/L2 Cabbie) for 3 RVP or 6 CDP

Ascension Rewards

Battle Hardened, Jack of All Trades and Shoot First, Don't Ask (2 RVP)

Adapsin (3 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Damn, Tanya, stopped getting kidnapped. Well, I mean, keep doing it, if you want, makes me look awesome. But really, probably not good cause if you die then I won't be able to get work. Nah, I'm just kidding. Anyway, listen, I know you saw how awesome I was, so how about slingin' some more work my way? Yeah. Yeah... YES, I know. Okay listen, I want to make money and when I make money, you make money. I know the bullets whizzed by your head and that grenade went off a little close. Yeah, and then I saved you! It was rad! I KNOW! Okay, yep, sounds hype. Yeah I can learn that, no sweat. Will do and you work on those jobs, let's get RICH!