Red Rain Runs The Border

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Red Rain Runs The Border
Part of A Ghoulish Case
LocationTo and From Asamando
Status Threat Level: Deadly
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Neighboring Nations
Red Rain 3x SAM Emplacements
EVO-Krimewing Pilot
IG Run for Red Rain


Red Rain is asked to bring a member of Tamanous (Rudy Merritt) to Asamando to pick up a dignitary (Kumi Sintim) and bring them to meet Hans Brackhaus. Along the way she is almost shot out of the sky.


S-K has developed a new strain of "food" for Asamando that is less susceptible to Shedim infestation. Tamanous is an interested party as they would be managing the "factories". It's all awful stuff.

The Meet

Red Rain, while doing routine maintenance on her Venture, is asked to ferry Rudy Merritt to Asamando and pick up Kumi Sintim and bring them to an S-K aircraft carrier in the South Atlantic Ocean to meet with Hans Brackhaus to discuss some deal important to Tamanous (and therefore the 162s) and Asamando. Rudy refuses to set foot on VTOL though until it is up to their standards - panda hide seats. Red Rain's VTOL is upgraded to Luxury amenities.

The Plan

Red Rain makes a stop in NYC on the way to refuel her VTOL, not getting out at all because... ghoul. Afterwards she attempts to run the border with her smuggling knowledge, while flying low. Unfortunately...

The Run

There are three SAM/HMG emplacements on nearby hills that have been recently set up. Red Rain needs to make it through 3 combat turns without getting shot down - easier said than done! They harass Red Rain a lot, though she's able to destroy one of the emplacements and make it into Asamando.

She meets with her parents in the airport given the limited time she has, and they express worry about her. She's doing great, but says she'll return when she's ready.

Then she picks up Kumi Sintim, a Sasabonsam (one of the nobility in Asamando), and he and Rudy attempt to one-up each other in terms of importance for a while as Red Rain flies out of Asamando. Of course, she's taking a different route, but meets up with another VTOL pilot - one with a better VTOL. The two dogfight in the air for a while, both sides taking damage. The other pilot attempts to escape, and Red Rain agrees that both of them leaving alive is probably the better call. She makes it to the S-K aircraft carrier without further interference.


The interior of Red Rain's VTOL is covered in grossness from airsickness, but S-K cleans it up for her. The talks between the three terrible groups begin.


Luxury Lifestyle in the VTOL, complete with Panda Hide seats - 2.5 RVP 11k nuyen - 5.5 RVP 11 karma - 11 RVP +1 SC - 1 RVP IG Discount 2 CDP

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