Redmond : Heroes or Terrorists?

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Redmond : Heroes or Terrorists?

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Date: 2082-01-17

An incident happened two days ago on the 15th in the Redmond area, we deployed one of our investigative journalists to get a better idea of what happened. Her interviews show a mix of responses, from frightened citizens to exalted, one thing is common to all of them : a rag tag team of heroes rose up to the occasion and saved them from an incredible menace.

But what menace was it ? she was on the case ! She found out two sites where the local residents saw the heroes in action, but try as she might the people were very closed off to giving her any specific information about them. All she could gather from the residents were the crash sites of three Aircraft vehicles, their carcasses had already disappeared but the damage on the terrain is undeniable : at least three Aircrafts crashed in and around the area. One even crashed into a house as we can see on these images [Images crash.img], Thankfully it was empty at the time of the event.

Our journalist managed to get from a reliable source images of one of the events, where a military van could be seen on fire and badly damaged. Some corpses are visible in the van and behind it with varied insignias and uniforms. This absolutely gruesome scene begs the question, Who are these people, and are they indeed heroes, or bloodthirsty terrorists ?

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