Redmond : Historic landmark found in nearby building

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Greg's P2.1 blog

Redmond : Historic landmark found in nearby building

Date: 2082-01-28

Hey guys, Greg here for a lil unexpected update I usually post our daily simsense VLOG of my awesome life sponsored by Stuffer Shack(tm) at 8PM but today i'll have trouble doing so because my street is locked off untill the cowboys of knight errand says i can get back to my building. The cause ? A giant ass statue of Vodeï Pargson decided to challenge a nearby building that hosted the local Halloweeners chapter and apparently jumped straight throught the roof ! Don't belive me, take a look at this footage i... got from the KE drones : [Vodei Suplex'ed?.vid]

((a bird's eye view of a drone passing over a ruined building, a huge hole is found in it's roof and the statue of a man can be seen through it. The destroyed basis in the middle of the place in front of the ruin suggest the statue was somehow ripped off there and traversed the roof of the now ruined place)).

So yea my pals, it's gonna be a boring evening, especially since i heard one of the pigs say they were gonna have to assence some shit or whatnot, Thankfully, i have the Stuffer 'link to occupy my eveing with it's whopping Three programs slots, perfect for all of your gaming needs!

Feel you tomorrow : Greg.

Comments : Alyzee blues : So you are telling me this monument to a fucking human in the middle of a place known for the atrocities they commited against the very nature of metahumanity got removed by force? Weird of the Halloweeners guys to do that and even more to drop it on themselves but good for them, they finally did something worthwile of their time.

Joshua dram : This is not right, we cannot leave our very history be destroyed like that ! @Alysee This statue was to the honour of someone who saved hundreds of metahuman lives by smuggling them past their designated detention centers right before the night of rage !

Alysee blues : [Comment deleted. 1/3 warnings]

Joshua dram : Wait, you got any sources to back that up, it's crazy but everything checks out ...

Alysee blues : [Comment deleted. 2/3 warnings]