Ressonance Quest: Trip to the Land of the Fucked

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Twisted Ressonance Realm stuff that was causing problems.
LocationHuman Malice
Runners Involved


Sparrow goes on a Ressonance Quest to the Human Malice were doxed data goes to die.


x_X_Troll_U_4_Days_X_x a cochroach of a human was slayed at the hands of Purkinje.

The Meet

Sparrow was dragged into a Ressonance realm from their clincs host. They spoke to the Justice program who told them about a disonate technomancer that was destroing the realm. Sparrow was asked to remove it.

The Run

Sparrow set off through a sea of code to this twisted realm. They found themselves in a graveyard of personal infomation, that lead to a dream like squence of a child doxing a class mate. After pushing past the graveyard Sparrow enterd a cannyon of Ork and Troll hatred that they quickly ran through and reached a nother dream image of a teenager watching fucked up shit on a computer. They next procceded to a creepy fair ground that had disonate spirtes hanging around. Sparrow tried to decompile one but two more reformed in it's place. Sparrow then wisly choose to run through not looking in the stalls. They ended up stumpling into a stall that held a VHS tape that once played showed file pictures and images, Sparrow smashed the tv that they had played it on. They were transport to a city the was filled with screaming and sign posts written in code. They decoded the signs and found themselves watching a elf be dragged of by a pair of large humans. Sparrow took the elfs place and was dragged into a van that faded away to a plain of glass were a worthless looking man laid crying. When Sparrow looked closer they realized it was x_X_Troll_U_4_Days_X_x the asshole Pirkinje had once killed but he was a E-ghost now. Justice reappeard telling them to kill this defect and failure, Sparrow didn't like it's tone so they refused and Justice now revealed to be Nemesis set it's Sprites on them. Sparrow fought the Spirtes with the aid of another paragons servents. Once the battle was over this other Pargon appeard and gave them a file. Sparrow put x_X_Troll_U_4_Days_X_x out of his missery.


11 karma, discount for submersion.+2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)