Rise Against - Architects

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Rise Against - Architects
Result Technomancer Louis "Terro" Harper is extracted from a DocWagon facility by Enduring Resistance to help with the final days of the election.
Factions Involved
Enduring Resistance DocWagon
Commanders and leaders
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Casualties and losses
None None


A technomancer named Louis "Terro" Harper has fallen ill with a mysterious illness and is currently held in a DocWagon hospital under lock & key. Enduring Resistance requires his help in order to influence the results of the upcoming election and hires a team of runners to break him out.


The runners all arrive at the Enduring Resistance compound in Puyallup with Skid arriving first and Ranger arriving (fashionably) late. They discuss the details of the job and Ranger & Dandy negotiate for higher pay, successfully securing an extra 1000 nuyen for each member of the team adding up to a total of 18k nuyen. There was no set deadline for the job provided it was done in time for Enduring Resistance to make use of Terro's abilities in the upcoming election.


The runners decide to meet up at a Vory bar (though the owner claims no affiliation) not too far from the compound and rent a private room for 100 nuyen. Bacchus does a matrix search and secures some basic blueprints of the hospital and Ranger, with assistance from the rest of the team, manages to locate a few vulnerable spots for infiltration. The team decides that the best course of action would be for Ranger to pose as a nurse and infiltrate the hospital, pushing a laundry basket concealing Dandy inside. Skid would wait on standby outside, providing basic surveillance and serving as a means of escape upon exiting the facility and Bacchus would be on matrix support.

Ranger purchases a burner SIN and Bacchus infiltrates the DocWagon host, scheduling a transfer for Terro and registering Ranger's burner SIN as the nurse on duty for the transfer and successfully manages to do so. The team then goes their separate ways in order to recuperate before the run, taking 2 days to themselves and then returning to the Vory bar to execute their plan. The team works together to prep a disguise for Ranger using a synthskin mask from Bacchus and then set off to do the job.

The team arrives at the facility and Ranger (pushing the cart containing Dandy) is stopped by 2 DocWagon guards, but she manages to talk her way past them. As they're about to walk away Dandy coughs, but a VTOL conveniently takes off at the same time, disguising the sound. Ranger manages to make it to Terro's room mostly unimpeded but is once again stopped by 2 guards. She manages to talk her way into the room but one guard accompanies her inside and the other calls the doctor in charge of the neurological division. Bacchus manages to intercept the call and redirects it to Ranger who responds via text and manages to convince the guard that the transfer was indeed legitimate. Ranger with assistance from the guard prep Terro for transfer and she begins to leave the room but the guard stops her, asking her to submit to a bioscan to make sure she's actually who she says she is. Ranger complies but Bacchus fudges the results of the test, allowing her to keep her disguise and she leaves the hospital with Dandy and Terro in tow. As they approach the car Ranger and Dandy drop the act and hastily shove Terro into the backseat and Skid peels off, pursued by a KE patrol car. Skid drops oil slick on the road and the KE officer spins out of control, flipping his vehicle and the team successfully escapes. They're briefly stopped once more by a gang of bikers, but Dandy levels his sniper rifle at one and sends a burst of stick & shock at him, throwing him off the bike as Skid guns it, leaving them in the dust.



18000 Nuyen, 4 Karma +3 Rep Enduring Resistance

Player AARs



"I keep finding myself in situations where a loaded gun and a penchant for silence aren't solutions to my problems. It's frustrating. It's not what I've been trained for and every nerve in my body tells me to dive into the shadows the second I see an armed guard staring in my direction. I know the day will come when my words will be the only thing that can save me though, so I'm thankful for the practice."