Rise Against - Zero Visibility

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Rise Against - Zero Visibility
LocationCorperate Court Building in Renton, Seattle
Result Successful dystruction of a stash of datachips containing portable versions of the beta oSIN database. The master copy was also dystroyed.
Factions Involved
Anarcist Black Cross Grid Overwatch Division
UCAS Government
Arch-Conservative Party
Commanders and leaders
Annabelle Raphaëlle Morin
Yokai (Dusk)
Danielle De La Mar
Casualties and losses
None 3 Corperate Court staff members killed.


Danielle De La Mar's office in the Grid Overwatch Division worked with the Brackhaven administration to launch a beta test of the oSIN system in Seattle. During a previous run, the oSIN enrollment center was destroyed and the host's data erased. Not giving up, Danielle De La Mar fell back to a few hardwired data backups stored with the Corperate Court building. She had her office take those sinless and dump them beyond the Seattle border in a way to prove that oSIN would ensure they couldn't return, even with fake SINs. They were dumped in the Salish-Shidhe without supplies. Those who were enrolled tend to be elderly sinless, creating a health situation which the Anarchist Black Cross responded to. However, operating beyond the Seattle border stretched the Black Cross's too thin. They needed to get those sinless back into Seattle in order to better treatment.


The meet was a relatively uneventful discussion with Annabelle Raphaëlle Morin in a White Castle in Redmond.


The group went to The Daze to start matrix searching. They discover some basic details about oSIN but hit a wall during legwork. Lucky, West contacted the Gianelli Family for help. The Gianelli Family saw fit to help since they profit from the sinless and some sinless act as their goons. Raffaello Cairo called a meeting with West where Mr. Cairo gave information about how the Corperate Court collected the oSIN datachips at the end of each shift and revealed there was a small window where every chip was in the same room for inventory management. However, Mr. Cairo made West promise that the family would not have the mission connected back to the family.

Learning this, the team moved to the Corperate Court building in Renton. West stood outside while Photon sent drones into scout while parked in the parking garage. The scouting revealed everything about the building, but a guard went up to check on the van. Yokai and Photon managed to talk the security guard down. The team decided to strap a grenade onto a drone a sneak it into the armory where the inventory count of the datachips was occurring. After blowing up the grenade, the team drove away with West knocking out a guard out.


This mission destroyed the last remaining oSIN database in Seattle and the Black Cross was able to smuggle the sinless back into Seattle. However, the guard that West knocked out saw through his disguise. News reports eventually came out with sketches of West's face. In order to avoid the mission being tied back to the family, West changed his face.


Player Characters


3 Karma and 14000 Nuyen. + 1 Rep with Anarcist Black Cross and +2 with Gianelli Family.


8 Karma and 4000 Nuyen. + 1 Rep with Anarcist Black Cross and +2 with Gianelli Family.


8 Karma and 4000 Nuyen. + 1 Rep with Anarcist Black Cross and +2 with Gianelli Family.

AAR: We were hired by the Johnson so put an end to the last vestiges of the oSIN program. A ruthless program by the Arch conservative party to give "SINs" to the SINless. But these oSINs came with no rights or privileges, only means to track the poor down and huddle them into concentration camps. With the help of a few of West's contacts we tracked down the server to the Corperate Court. Turns out its also a blacksite torture cell. It would be unwise to go in there loud. So I waited in my car as Photon's drones delivered an explosive package to location. It went tense, some security guard came up to check on us but I was able to pull off the old stoner hippie friend tactic. The payload was finally delivered and so ended the last vestiges of a symbol of oppression. I swear one of these days its gonna be Brackhaven's throat and my hands.