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Shadowrun is a dark setting that explores a lot of gritty themes, including sexual and violent themes, that not everyone will be comfortable with. While we want to have the freedom to explore these themes in our shared world, we do not want to exclude anyone or make them uncomfortable. For this reason, ShadowHaven is implementing a number of safety tools that can be used by GMs, players, and viewers to make sure that this is a Living Community that all of us can enjoy.

Enforcement of Safety Tools on the ShadowHaven

If a safety tool is played and is given no heed, please reach out to moderation so that they can help to ensure that these tools are used. In an ideal world, this would not be necessary, but it may become so. Our moderation staff is here to ensure that you are comfortable with playing here on the ShadowHaven. If at any time you are uncomfortable, then please reach out to @moderation on Discord, or @Ombuds and Advocates.

The X-Card

The X-card is a simple tool that we have been using for a long time on the Haven. At any point, any person involved in the run (meaning GM, player or listener) can message or say “X” or in any way communicate “X” to the GM. The GM is then responsible for stopping the scene at that moment. A break is taken and the item being X-carded is either skipped over or edited out. No explanation need be given, but if the person playing the card wishes to share, they may. At times, it may be difficult to understand what was X-carded. If this occurs, it is up to the person that played the card if they want to share, otherwise the GM will ret-con or edit parts or the entirety of a scene.

Before each run, GMs should introduce this tool using language similar to the sample script listed here, or any script that introduces all elements of the use of the X-card.

The Consent Flower/Streetlight System

This is a new one for the Haven, but will help us to run better games for everyone involved. The consent flower uses three colors: Green, Yellow and Red, which has led to the nickname “Streetlight system”. However, it is much more. On top of being a way to say “no, I don’t like that,” it is also a way to say, “I do like that,” or “I want more of that.” Each of the three colors indicates varying levels of consent:

  • Green: I am okay with the current scene and would be okay with pushing this scene farther. This does not mean a scene has to be pushed further, only that the person is okay with it and would like it to happen if everyone else at the table is comfortable with it..
  • Yellow: I am okay with the current scene, but do not desire it to be pushed beyond where it is now.
  • Red: The current scene is making me uncomfortable. Please pull it back a bit or skip it.

GMs should be using this at their table to ensure the comfort levels of their players, especially when topics come up that are dark or gritty in nature. A GM, Player, Thematics member, moderator, ombud or Listener can play a Consent card at any time by messaging the person they wish to address. This can be done in a whisper, on Discord, or by voice. Any person that receives one of these cards is expected to immediately follow the level of consent indicated.

GMs who can are encouraged to have a Red, Yellow and Green deck that they or a player can play. Instructions should be given to players on how this can be done anonymously, by hovering over the deck, selecting the card that pops up and dragging that card to the table.

Lines, Background Only and Veils

Another new tool we are bringing online is Lines, Background and Veils. Shadowhaven is a bit limited since we do not have the traditional session zero where the tone of a setting is pre-negotiated. We modify the existing line and veil system and add Background Only.

  • Line - A line is something that we do not wish to explore at all in our setting. For example, when we set trafficking of minors as a line, that is something that we don’t explore here and it doesn’t exist on Shadowhaven.
  • Veil - A veil is a "pan away" or "fade to black" moment. When we veil something, we're making it a part of the story, but keeping it out of the spotlight. Think of it as a way to still deal with certain themes while avoiding having to describe them in graphic detail. For example, we can veil torture scenes and just say the event happened and have our characters react to it but we don’t need to cover the details of the torture.
  • Background Only - Background Only content is allowed to be in character backstories and in the setup to a run, but the players should not be actively engaged with the content. For example, trafficking of adults is allowed in the context of a rescue run or a character background. However, it would indicate a wish not to directly be involved in the activity. For example, the rounding up of women in the barrens or the protecting of a truck moving metahumans would not be allowed.

Players are highly encouraged to list their personal Lines, Background Only and Veils on their wikipages.

Global Lines, Background Only and Veils

Shadowhaven sets some content as global for the whole LC.

  • Lines: Trafficking of Minors, in-scene instances of sexual assault
  • Veil: Prostitution, torture, overly gruesome kill descriptions
  • Background Only: Mass Murder, Genocide, Trafficking of Adults