Rook Death Annoucement

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Chat Room Snippet from the ShadowHaven Host

Logs Start on 2079-01-1 at 01:41:32 UTC

“As you may have heard, the runner Rook - among others - got a 40K Nuyen bounty on their head for telling the J to “Get Fragged” when his son died during their failed rescue run. Rook’s comlink detected a non-Haven user picking it up and went into wipe mode. Seems like someone collected.” ~ SysOp TANJ

“Well, Frag, what happened.” ~ Quicksort

“Let me dive the Metroplex host and find the last time Rook was picked up on the cameras. Can someone message me a picture of his face, a SIN search won’t do any good.” ~ SysOp TANJ

“Got it, thanks. Found this file.” ~Sysop TANJ


The video is grainy, taken during a rainy Seattle night. A limo pulls up to a corner, a few moments later, Rooks walks out of a nearby stuffer shack and enters the limo.

“Ah, the old neurostun in the armored limo trick.” ~ Syzygy Ephemeral

“I found this too!” ~Sludge


We see Rook brought into a room with several other Japanese men and Spider Kage. In Japanese, Spider Kage screams to a goon who steps forward and applies a patch to Rook, who wakes up violently and punches the man in the gut. We see him cough up blood and collapse. Shortly after, several other men restrain Rook with all their might. Spider Kage gives a short speech which is interrupted by Rook spitting in his face. Spider Kage laughs slightly then draws a Katana. In one fast motion, he decapitates Rook.

“Oh Drek” ~Ends-the-Night

“Gooooooo...” ~ No Compromise

“Ghost, Compromise, are you that twisted” ~ Awful Weight

“...ooooal.” ~ No Compromise

“Yes, he is” ~Dying Days

“We can’t let this stand, who is this slotter? We can’t let a runner be hunted like meat just because they were a hoophole.” ~ Cyanic

“Might be too late, found this on the KE host” ~Dr. Thunder


The file contains the gruesome scene of Spider Kage’s seppuku. Apparently, assistants were involved with this act with the Spider Kage spinal cord cleanly cut. There are also photos of a piece of parchment with calligraphy.

“What does it say?” ~ Cyanic

“Flowery language about his love for his son and his regret of not hiring the right team for the job.” ~ Hitori de

<Fire Water Burn> has resulted in the following fall out.

  • Rook is retired.
  • Spider Kage is killed off.
  • Rabbit, Snake Eyes, Marion have their wanted qualities removed since Spider Kage can no longer confirm the escrow.