Route 66: Side Story Animal House

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Route 66: Side Story Animal House
Part of Like_mad_max_but_more_guns
GMDoc McGuffins
Factions Involved
Pitty 'Grease Lightning' McShane
Evans Doyle
Cyber Knight
Drity Dog
Dirty Dog's Goons
Dirty Dog's Spirit Dog
Casualties and losses
Turul and Doyle have been wounded but nothing that can't be walked off Dirty Dog along several of his goods


A local Menagerie gang caused problems to Pappy, team were asked to solve the issue. They done so with aid of Nacrojet, explosives, bullets and fists.


Menagerie have been threatening Pappy Pitty, he retailated by hiring runners, some of them being a familiar face

The Meet

Turul arrived first at the meet waiting for the rest to show up, Pitty was kind enough to pour him a cup of coffee...Event tho the "coffee" was black as tar and bubbled a bit, Turul politely declined it. Soon after rest of the team, with Doyle glancing at where cup used to be is now just hole. Pitty offered the beverage to new arrivals, everyone politely declined other then Mystique. She drank the contents of the cup while Doyle and CK watched in amazement and confusion. That earned the team extra 2k

The Plan

Mystique makes Turul invisible and creates a illusion to distract the gangers, meanwhile Turul sneaks inside and throws a granade at gangers inside after that rest of the team charge in and severely harm them

The Run

At first with the aid of CK's sister Val Steele scouted out the location and found where the gangers are holed up, the team decided to further inspect the place by making Turul invisible and silent with aid of Mystique, other members of the team weren't most spell friendly. As he made his way checking the kitchen, avoiding the spring trap and finding group of dogs playing poker in the basement he returned to team and convey the information and started deducing a plan of action. When Turul detonated the explosives team opened fire at gangers outside, CK choosing to break their spine non-lethaly, Voiceless using Narcojet, Mystique summoning illusions and Doyle hitting them hard with APDS. Dirty Dog created opaque wall at the back door and summoned a spirit to aid them. Spirit managed to hit Turul and poison him almost killing him, As the team cleaned the front of the building, Doyle went behind the building, seeing a barrier he created another troll-friendly entrance with High Explosives. Charging in and almost killing Dirty Dog he got ambushed by 4 gangers severely wounding him. Doyle retreated back outside a moment later. CK engaged the spirit giving it a chance to stop before it got forcefully banished. As the rest of gangers surrendered, Dirty Dog threw himself out of the window just to be sliced in half by a monowhip, courtesy of Voiceless.


Calling it a job well done, team took their leave. Each of them taking their respected pay and of them maybe grew common sense.


Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Cyber Knight

Cyber Knight: Ah shit! Its those guys again. Them self degrading SURGED freakshow circus that think of themselves the Seattle zoo. This wasn't my 1st rodeo with these guys and I mean how does Papa Pitty always draw the ire of these weirdos. Anyway no one got kidnapped this time, thank fuck! Basically scouted the place, fought some anthropomorphic dogs that tried to bite me, you know the man who's body is over half plasteel, good luck chewing through that.  I was careful not to kill anyone after last time I had this "accident" of killing two of their members while actually trying to knock em out. As weird as they are they aren't worth more blood on my hands. Their captain some dog with a big stick got killed tho. in his arm was sliced off with a monowhip. Few other casualties but for the most part they all survived and surrendered. Why do I feel like Hogg and xXEdge_Wolf69Xx is gonna come after this next.


...I still can't belive Mystique drank that "liquid", it burned thru the bloody table! Anyhow the job was go and geek some poor SURGE gangers, looks like they and Pappy have turf war. CK called one of his contacts to do some scouting, she managed to find where they are holed up, Turul, this new guy decided to check out the place in flesh with bit of illusion magic he turned completely silent and invisible, she offered to do it to the rest of the team but none of us were exactly "magic friendly". He cases the joint, finds few dogs playing poker in the basement...heh kinda like that painting...He returns and with a plan of throwing few nades and a ghost army we begin our assult. CK breaks few spines, our SURGE hits em with Narcojet and I hit em with APDS. Everything is under control untill their boss summons a spirit...gotta say really starting to hate spirits now... it manages to poison Turul and almost kill him. I blow up a wall and charge in, almost kill the boss, but 4 more mooks show up to give me a real bloody fun time. I get as fast as possible down the stairs and that mad dog throws himself out of the window, good thing Voiceless chopped him up, rest of mooks surrender and spirit is "forcefully banished" by CK... All in all another good day at work. 


The others told me, that if you are not hurt badly on your first run, then its not really an initiation into the shadows. If thats true, then I have a bright future ahead of me. I mean I hope. As I lay here on the backseat of the car, waiting for Doyles medkit to do his magic, at least I have time to reflect on the stuff I learned from the run.


...Next time someone warn me about Papa Pitty's so called "coffee" I don't usually regret my decisions but that sucked.