Run In The SOX Wasteland

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Run In The SOX Wasteland
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Saeder-Krupp Traitors Glowpunks
Dr. Lollipop
8 Traitors 7 Glowpunks
Casualties and losses
Ace fell unconscious during the final fight All All


A team of runners is pressured into traveling to the SOX between France and Germany to deal with some traitors. They meet more Glowpunks than they bargained for however, and just manage to make it out before being overcome with nausea. The missions is fortunately a success though.


Saeder-Krupp has noticed that Dr. Lollipop hasn't had any legitimate income in 2 years but is still paying taxes. Investigation turns up that she is a runner, so a S-K Johnson (one of the many Herr Brockhaus Johnsons) decides to test her capabilities and eliminate some traitors in the bargain.

8 Saeder-Krupp traitors fled to the SOX to avoid Llofwyr eating them. They've set up a small base near the Cattenom reactor site, though they didn't anticipate dealing with an explosives expert.

The Meet

Herr Brockhaus calls Dr. Lollipop while she is at home reading, and pressures (threatens) her and says he wants her to deal with some traitors to the corporate interests in the SOX. He offers her 20k nuyen to her and any two companions she would like to bring along, as well as offering her specifically a NeoNET Juggernaught (that they learned about from reading her journals). She agrees, and calls Ace and Scrappenny for help.

The Plan

Saeder-Krupp flies the runners to a private airfield in Germany, offers to inject them with Anti-Rad nanites (the runners accept), and then fly them via helicopter into the SOX. In the helicopter is when Ace and Scrappenny learn of Herr Brockhaus' involvement.

The Run

The runners are immediately subjected to radiation, though the nanites and the anti-rad shielding on their armor helps mitigate it substantially. Due to the high levels of radiation, they aren't able to land close to the traitors' base, so they'll have to walk for 2 hours to get to the base, and then 2 hours back. They can survive unharmed (not dead or mutated) a maximum of 6 hours at these radiation levels, even with the protection.

On their trek, they're followed by some locals for an hour before the runners are attacked by a group of Glowpunks. During the fight, the Glowpunks are killed, though the runners end up exhausted and Dr. Lollipop's drone is heavily damaged. Scrappenny repairs it somewhat, though the repairs take time and slow their progress.

The runners finally make it to the base the traitors have set up, and Ace decides to explode the building. The traitors suffer some extremely bad luck and fail to notice someone planting explosives at 3 of the 4 corners of their base. Once the explosives go off, the building folds inwards at 3 of the 4 corners, killing 5 of the traitors. The other 3 try to escape, but are gunned down quickly (though one of them manages to hit Ace with a sniper bullet before dying).

On their 2 hour trek back to the extraction point, the runners are attacked by 2 more Glowpunks, who manage to knock Ace out. Dr. Lollipop and Scrappenny manage to take out the remaining Glowpunk, and Dr. Lollipop's drone drags Ace back to the extraction point. The runners are overcome by nausea, but fortunately a new helicopter is inbound and picks them up before they suffer more severe consequences from the radiation.


The runners are taken to a hospital in Germany for radiation poisoning treatment before being flown back to Seattle. They're still mildly radioactive for the next 24 hours, though.


  • 20k nuyen - 10 RVP
  • 4 karma - 4 RVP
  • 2 CDP

Dr. Lollipop

  • NeoNET Juggernaught as Ascension Rewards for -5 RVP
  • Herr Brockhaus' interest

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Dr. Lollipop: So my ex employer finally found out that I no longer do any work for him. That he needs two years for this - ridiculous. I thought my old boss wanted me back and offered me a promotion. But no "Mr. Brockhaus" wanted something from me. I guess I've gotten deeper into the shit than I wanted to. Given what "Mr. Brockhaus" then wanted from me, I have to admit that my previous job was much more risk-free. I'm so glad Ace and Scrappenny were there to help. Otherwise it would have been my end. I hope "Mr. Brockhaus" loses interest in me. But we have probably done the job too well than I can give myself hope.


First time in Europe in a radioactive hellscape doing wetwork for the evilest dragon on the planet. The one you specifically never cut a deal with acting through a drake, a sycophant, or dropping the formalities and coming to do this himself, acting through an alter ego. That injection worked wonders as I'd probably have been out earlier if I didn't take it. It was a standard tactical insert, take on the locals and get out. I have no idea how I got all of those explosives planted, but that got almost all of the targets in the building, before one managed to snipe me, but they didn't break the skin, that led to me taking a bullet and going down on the exfil though. However all's well that ends well,

Scrappenny Something about the radiation the area just made we felt sick to my stomach and then entire idea of thinking about it just annoys me to the back of my head. there's some individuals out there who would enjoy this site this intense feeling of yourselves breaking down those sick freaks whenever I think back to this job it just fills me with grief