S-K Purchases Quick-Service Restaurant in Blizzard of Activity

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Horizon News Network


Date: 2082-08-30 By: Charli Relford

CharliHalf.png The Horizon logo spins around the screen before a set of two windows appear. The first, an attractive female human wearing a Horizon pin and dressed in her standard news anchor wear, the second, a well dressed older human man, wearing a Saeder-Krupp pin and smiling at the camera with his piercing golden eyes shining in the studio lighting. HansBrackhaus.png
Charli Relford Hans Brackhaus

Charli: Thank you for continuing your subscription to Horizon NewsNet™ where "We Know What You're Thinking!" I'm Charli Relford, voted "Most Trusted Anchor in Seattle" by Horizon Internal Analytics three years running!

Our Top Story tonight: In what some experts are calling an unexpected move, Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries has acquired the Quick Service Restaurant Brand "Dairy Queen" Famous for their "Hot Eats and Cool Treats", it seems as though everyone's favorite Great Golden Dragon has more of a sweet tooth than we've given him credit for. To talk about this acquisition, we have with us one Hans Brackhaus, a speaker for Lofwyr. Thank you for joining us today Herr Brackhaus.

Brackhaus: You are very welcome Charli, thank you for having me. Of course many see a corporation as large and successful as Saeder-Krupp acquiring a new property such as this to be a trivial thing, but Dairy Queen has survived so much hardship over their lives. A proud American institution back before the UCAS was formed. It survived the second World War, the Awakening, both Crashes, and so much more, and through all of that has maintained a quality and dedicated customer base that we at S-K are very pleased to count ourselves among.

Charli: Well that's quite something isn't it? Now Saeder-Krupp is no stranger to the food business, being the top producer of MREs and soy-based sausage in the world through various subsidiaries, but what made you seek out DQ as something that you needed to have?

Brackhaus: Well as stated, the history is something that Saeder-Krupp respects, but we also respect quality. Dairy Queen isn't just about quality food, but also quality people.

Charli: I'm so glad you mentioned that Herr Brackhaus. When we heard about your acquisition of the brand, we reached out to Seattle's own Silas Rojas, who regular viewers might also know as the charitable soul behind the MERC project. Mr. Rojas recently came into a sizable amount of Dairy Queen stock and became the Regional Manager of the restaurant chain for all of Seattle. Mr Rojas had this to say:

CharliHalf.png The familiar horizon jingle plays over the HNN logo, before the camera fades into a very worn-down looking man in a wheelchair obviously putting on a happy face. The figure appears to be patiently waiting for the chance to say his peace and go, and is wearing a T-Shirt that proudly claims that "Happy Tastes Good." Relay0.jpg
Charli Relford Silas Rojas

Charli: Hello Mr Rojas, such a pleasure to get to speak with you again.

Silas: Hey there, Charli! Thanks for taking the time to check in on this.

Charli: Of course! It's our job to get the news out there to Horizon's loyal subscribers. So tell me, as the new Regional Manager of Dairy Queen of Seattle, now newly owned by Saeder-Krupp, what can the people look forward to?

Silas: Dairy Queen INC of Seattle has reaffirmed its commitment to equal rights and citizenship for all members of our metroplex, and will be ensuring that its hiring, promotion, and training policies are affirming of the diversity that makes us stronger. For those that pass our hiring process, we will be working with non-profits and the UCAS offices here in Seatle to ensure citizenship is within reach.

Charli: Well that certainly is in keeping with your professional reputation as the man behind the MERC project. Have you been in contact with S-K at all regarding these changes?

Silas: I will also be donating any profit from my shares to food banks and human rights organizations across the city. I have spoken with senior members of the SK leadership team, and they have given me my word that they--too--commit to this mission. Just like the delicious soft serve and candy pieces in the Blizzards we serve, we as a community are better together.

Charli gives a surprised look to the camera.

Charli: It's very unlike Saeder-Krupp to commit to something like that, but I am glad we have you in our city Mr. Rojas, and thank you once more for joining us.

The camera returns to the side-by-side windows of Charli Relford and Hans Brackhaus.

Charli: Tell me Herr Brackhaus, do Mr. Rojas' words resonate with what you know of the S-K leadership involved in this project?

Brackhaus: Indeed he does Ms. Relford, Mr. Rojas has been nothing but cordial with Saeder-Krupp in his dealings and we like to reward that, even if he is only now becoming an employee. We have already invested a little under a hundred million nuyen into equity solutions that Mr. Rojas has proposed, and are investing more into the production of new franchise locations to allow even more people to reap the benefits. I'm personally very fond of the one that is opening nearby Vancouver, just outside the city limits, but still very accessible.

Charli: Well, this all sounds like a wonderful opportunity for many of the less-fortunate out there. I hope that you all get caught up in this Blizzard of equity, and for those who prefer to eat ice cream than sling it, try the new Saeder-Krupp Golden Dragon Blizzard, with bits of an old Fifth-world snack I'm told were called "Golden Grahams."

Charli gives the camera her award-winning smile: This has been Charli Relford with Horizon News Network! Back to you!

The camera fades to black.