Santa's got a Semi

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Santa's got a Semi
LocationTacoma, Seattle, UCAS
Trash Panda
"Dandy" Dale Hardin
Doctor Anubis
MetaErgonomics, an EVO subsidiary
Casualties and losses
None 1 Truckload of goods lost


Trash Panda, while out and about doing her usual routine of looking for something worth stealing, became aware of a shipment of electric personal warmers which charge via induction. Given the upcoming winter months, she felt this would be great to distribute to people in need within Redmond. She mentioned her find in the Haven chat, and support quickly gathered behind her.

The Legwork

Outside the factory, the team could see the loading docks, and a number of trailers backed against them. But had no idea which truck would be loaded with the goods or when. Trash Panda got a Stealth tag, and with some effort was able to place it on a leg of one of Eyes' flyspys. Eyes flew the Flyspy into the building, and using his cyberware scanners was able to identify which pallets had the warmers. He stuck the stealth tag onto the pallet, and the team waited until it was loaded.

The Run

Once the pallets were loaded in the trailer, a yard dog moved the trailer to a waiting area for the truck to come and pick it up. As that was happening, Trash Panda and Doctor Anubis snuck onto the site and climbed up top the trailer. They waited until the driver came to pick it up and leave.

After he left, after waiting a short time for him to get a ways away, Trash Panda turned on her jammer, and while under the effects of Improved Invisibility and Stealth spells, she shot out the passenger window of the truck. The truck swerved, but the surprised and confused driver recovered, still unsure what was going on. Trash Panda swung down through the window, and dropped her spells. Gun drawn on the driver, she intimidated him into pulling over, and then injected him with Narcojet provided by Doctor Anubis.

With the driver out cold and the truck stopped, Dandy got in the truck and drove it to Redmond. It was fortunate for the team that KE didn't catch on that something was happening. Eyes suggested the team take the goods to Solace, a charity shelter operated by runners. This would be important because they would have the resources to distribute the goods, and wouldn't ask questions like "where did you get this truckload of stuff?"

Left with an empty truck, Trash Panda suggests taking it to D'Auriel Peirson, and see if the smuggler could scrap it, or otherwise reassign ownership and use it. D'Auriel offers to buy the truck from the team for ¥24,000.


  • 6,000¥
  • 4 karma
  • +2 faction rep Solace

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Trash Panda

These warmers are nice. Eva was happily fiddling with the one she activated and slipped into her pocket. She stretched out on her couch as she thought about the day. This was it. This is what she was born to do. She was helping, she was making a difference. She was... Totally unaware that her friend Kani was involved with a charity group like that. Eva thought about that, she was a bit ashamed to have been scared of Kani at first now. She shook that thought out of her head and sighed happily. This was everything she wanted back when she became inspired by that AMAZING Robin Hood trid. She's doing it. She's accomplishing something worthwhile. And she couldn't be a happier master thief.