Scandal: Mayor Potter seeing double?

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Horizon NewsNet

Scandal! Mayor Potter impersonator causing chaos?!

Date: 2082-02-20

Thank you for continuing your subscription to Horizon NewsNet™ where "We Know What You're Thinking!" I'm Charli Relford, voted "Most Trusted Anchor in Seattle" by Horizon Internal Analytics three years running!

Our Top Story tonight: The Seattle Metroplex is in a tizzy after several videos emerged last night of the honorable Mayor Corinne Potter performing a series of acts not becoming of the mayor's office. Around 7pm local time last night, Mayor Potter was found doing illegal narcotics in a bar that has declined to be named in this report. Several witnesses have confirmed this story, including one witness who claimed the mayor said upsetting things to her.

The camera feed changes to a Dwarf woman in plain clothing, looking a little nervous. A small title card beneath calls this woman Blanc Wallis

"I approached Mayor Potter because I wanted to talk about possible infrastructure redevelopment in Redmond, but she cut me off and just went on a tirade about how she didn't care about poor people. It was really shocking to hear!"

The camera switches to another scene, the Mayor, apparently drunk and topless, dancing in what looks to be a rundown bar

While the venue refused to speak with authorities or our reporters, NewsNet can confirm from this footage that Mayor Potter was in a bar in Redmond. According to sources with the Knight Errant security corporation, it was also confirmed that the Mayor seemed to be involved with two known criminals

Two pictures appear in the upper-right corner of the screen, one of Frag Face and another of Lil' Boomer

These two are wanted criminals, using the alias' "Frag Face" and "Lil' Boomer" respectively. It is unknown what the Mayor was doing with these individuals, and her office denies that they were ever in contact.

At the same time this footage was taken, Mayor Potter was seen at an impromptu press conference at City Hall. The Mayor claimed that she was the victim of identity theft and impersonation by some vindictive criminal element, slandering her good name and causing chaos in the Emerald City. The Mayor declared that she will do everything in her power in order to capture this criminal, and that the assets of the city of Seattle will be working tirelessly in order to bring this individual or individuals to justice.

The Mayor concluded the press conference by saying that her office has joined forces with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who are pursuing a criminal known for kidnapping and impersonation, though they were not willing to disclose this criminal's identity to Horizon NewsNet at this time.

More on this story as it develops.