Seattle's Greatest Swordsman

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Seattle's Greatest Swordsman
LocationHorizon ET Property
Result Cyber Knight wins Seattle's Greatest Swordsman
Factions Involved
Cyber Knight Other Contestants
Commanders and leaders
Cyber Knight Tournament Oragniser
Casualties and losses
None All other contestants


Horizon wants to produce a new combat reality trideo show, focused around sword fighting. The focus of each episode was on a tournament between a number of highly skilled swordfighters in various cities across the globe. Seattle's Greatest Swordsman had seven contestants: Cyber Knight, Black Samurai, The Mage, Hussar, Cavalry, Dervish, Spiritblade. They were to track each other down and fight one on one duels to the death until only one contestant remained. Unbeknownst to any of the contestants, the summoner of Spiritblade was the recruiter for the tournament. The format of the program is mostly analysis and predictions between the actual fights.


The meet took place at a fancy sushi place. Cyber Knight quickly agreed to participate, on the condition that his face be obscured.


Cyber Knight fought Black Samurai, an adept in repainted Red Samurai armour, and emerged victorious after a vicious battle. Hussar fights Cavalry on a highway, both screaming in at each other at massive speed. Hussar kills Cavalry, only to be killed by Spiritblade in a sneak attack. Underground, Cyber Knight fights the Mage - a mystic adept channeling a high force spirit and swinging around a blade of pure magic. Neither is able to hit the other for what seems like an eternity, until Cyber Knight wins in a single masterful stroke. Dervish is defeated by Spiritblade, and then the finale is upon the last two contestants. Cyber Knight faces off against Spiritblade, a F12 Guardian Spirit. It swings its massive sword with dreadful power, and a crescent beam of energy nearly kills Cyber Knight - only for him to dash past the spirit and kill its summoner, the local recruiter for the show.


Cyber Knight got his winnings and rep in the shadow community. Horizon got great ratings and critical acclaim for the last minute twist.


Cyber Knight

10,000 nuyen. 7 karma. Picks up perect time at chargen cost.

AAR: Aww yis. Nothing like testing your skills against the best to see where you stand. And nothing tests your skills like an underground death tourney. I only wish I could face off against Hussar, Cavalry and Dervish as well. They all were excellent swordsmen. A true knight gives respect and credit where its deserved and I give my respect to all that fell in this tourney. RIP warriors, may you go to the viking heaven of valhalla where you can fight forever. Except that 2 bit sneaky ass mothafocka of a mage. Like his spirit was a beast but he was just another coward mage, good thing I took his head before spirit blade took mine.