Shadow Uni: Combat 101

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Shadow Uni: Combat 101
Location(Target site of the run)
Factions Involved


There was recently influx of new runners for the haven Ann one of the more experienced ones decided to train some of the newer ones to see how capable they were


One runner wanted to test the metal of the newer ones showing up to the haven and thought this be a good time to also flux on those ones showing up, maybe these new ones can learn from someone who has dealt with the shadows. forgetting that some of these runners have been running in the shadows for some time.

The Meet

Each of the runner would arrive on site to the location where they would meet their instructor for this little endeavour. see where they would make sure that the new runners have the knowledge and capability up to know what is ahead of them and therefore it was sort of a means to see how well can they hold their nerve

The Plan

There's was no plan but just walking each of them, from seeing how they can dodge a sword, to flash bangs being throw, to a few getting hit by a fully cyber upgrade arm. it seem like a bit of a beating on the newbes

The Run

Each prove their worth in the short time and learning , showing some of their skills by running out of the range from the blast and hoping behind cover. the normal a few were knocked out.


People learned a few things and maybe it's time to think about...does the have really need to train new runners, when these people are invited due to what they bring to table, from their series of jobs before joining the haven?


2 Karma

The normal 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Rougarou:I don't officially recall this job before I just know I went on it my memory of it is a bit foggy. I remember being trained and therefore my skills was being tested overall I don't honestly remember why it seems to be a lapse in my memory and hopefully in time i can recall in more vivid see what i have done the past


Well, that was certainly exciting, at the very least. Can't say that is wasn't enlightening, though.