Shepard's Initiation 1

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Shepard's Initiation 1
LocationParallel plane, Seattle
Result Shepard initiated
Factions Involved


Shepard's initiation run


Starts in a confessional booth. When he steps out, he's not where he was. Test of piety: challenge his ideals: A devout Vampire, a good Witch, and an evil priest.


1st trial = Romans 14:4, for the witch; she gives to the poor and volunteers at a soup kitchen

2nd trial = Isaiah 57:1-2, for the Vamp: he feeds on the devout, but those devout have hidden maladies, visible to those who Assense, that are eating away at them; toxic magic, cancer, CFD, etc. Vamp firmly believes he does not eat the immortal soul and that the soul is truly immortal, but that he draws away that which binds the soul to the decaying body. Blood drinking: Sacramental wine is no different, and in fact he is devout in his belief and can drink truly blessed sacramental wine, but not that given by the pastor.

3rd trial = Leviticus 19:15, for the priest: he sends Shepard to hunt the above 2, vampire for killing those who 'are faithful and support the church' by giving him money, and the witch for 'her heretical ways and subverting the flock' by being someone else for people to donate to.


Shepards passed the trials and initiates