Si Chi Wuxing

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Si Chi Wuxing
LocationDowntown Seattle
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Wuxing
Tora Kokoro
Casualties and losses


The team was tasked with messing with the Wuxing feng shui to stop rising of their stock. Smooth run led to destruction of office property.

The Meet

After some confusion as to the proper time of the meet, the runners met with their Johnson in a private Matrix room. The firm that the Johnson represents is currently trying to short the stocks of a Wuxing owned business in the area. However, the stock keeps rising in price and the Johnson believes is has everything to do with the Feng Shui magic that is present in certain floors of the buisness. They also request that the runners incriminate the VP of Finance with proof of them working with other runners. The last part is stressed as the VP messed with the Johnson's brother and broke his heart.

The Plan

  1. Stealth in somehow
  2. Mess with their carefully aligned corporate feng shui in miniscule ways on their management floor
  3. Plant evidence in their VP of Finance's office computer pointing at him for hiring you - he's a dick; dumped my brother on his birthday WHICH WAS ALSO VALENTINE'S DAY
  4. Mess with their carefully aligned corporate feng shui in LOUD, OBVIOUS ways on their finance floor
  5. Exit without getting captured

The Run

The runners work to gain information on the building and find that they contract out janitorial work to another company. With a few of them applying at the company Vip3r hacks into their systems and gets the party accepted and given shifts at the Wuxing building. The party acquires laundry baskets with false bottoms to store half of their group and any illegal firearms they might need. Locating the floors which they need to get into, they make their way to the building.

The disguises and key cards work, allowing the party to make their may to the management floor. Messing with the furniture they are almost discovered by a guard but thanks to Vip3r they are able to spot him on the cameras and set up an ambush. They subdue the guard without a fuss and remove his communication devices and tie him up before moving to the financial floor. The group proceeds to go anarchic on the feng shui here with Entropy having a detailed understanding of the practice. Vip3r manages to hack into the VP's computer and while is unable to access any files relating to his work with shadowrunners, is able to forge documents that seems legit enough. Vip3r gets word that guards are now looking for their unconscious comrade and the party quickly make their escape.


The Johnson is pleased with their work and sends them their reward, as well as gives them some "lucky talismans". Wuxing stock falls 2%


  • 16k nuyen
  • 8 karma
  • 2 CDP
  • 2 bonus karma from karma talismans
  • -2k nyuen for Charon and Tora for the baskets.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Tora Kokoro

Wasn't expecting my first run with the Haven to be moving furniture around, but I shouldn't complain. Pay was good and the party worked well. Vip3r was the MVP of this whole thing. Got us in, worked the cameras, told us about the guards. I don't think any of us wouldn't have gotten far if it wasn't for them. All in all though, the pay was more money than I had ever seen in one place. I can do a lot of good with this kind of cash.


And runs like THIS ONE, kids, are why we ALWAYS thank our hackers. I damn near fried my brain in Wuxing's host and survived the worst drug crash of my life making this job a breeze for the rest of my crew. (Also? Long Haul sucks.)
That said, Tora's okay in my book. She might be new to the game as far as running goes, but she knows how to treat her team.