Sidewalking the Streets

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Sidewalking the Streets
LocationSnohomish Talismonger shop and Everett destroyed Factory
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Major Corp
Lucky "The Wolf Pack"-Men
Casualties and losses
None No one died, the remains of Bone-Boss got swooped off the battlefield


Lucky, contend on summoning a spirit, did some helping and got in turn help with the Calling Ritual. Sidewalk turned up and agreed to a Spirit pact if Lucky got him a spiritual Dagger from an Everett Factory site. Which he did. Lucky is now a living Spirit Formula.


The Meet

There was a nice Taco feaast at Carlos´ Van where Lucky asked him to hook him up with a Talismonger for the ritual. Carlos helps and send him off to Dante Palmer

The Plan

Dante, willing to help asks Lucky a favour to steal a book out of a Library in Renton.

The Run

Lucky steals the Book with relative ease, being spotted once doesnt stop him! He does learn that Humans was doing the rookie security for this particular Library. Pleased with the Result Dante sets up the ritual and helps Lucky. The Free Spirit Sidewalk shwed up, in pain and offered "to be Lucky´s Spirit buddy" if he retrieves a ceremonial dagger from a factoryside in Everett. With little time Lucky rushes. On the factory field Lucky got in a "heated" argument wth some sort of Security force in which Lucky shoots down the two men down, as well as a possessed Sasquatachn Sceleton he realises must be the Sasquatch that killed Newt. Insde the factory building he finds Gravehead and upon telling Lucky that the other incoming guards arent his, Lucky offers a ride but gets severely wounded on their run to the car. They manage to get away by a close call


Lucky is now a Living Spirit Formula and happy to have a Spirit Buddy!


12 Karma spend on the Spirit Pact Sidewalk as a C2/L6 Contact 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Lucky: "Hell yea, i almost died but i finally got a Spirit Buddy! Sidewalk seems to be a very nice lad and i am happy that i could alleiate the pain he was in when i called him first.