Sleeper Agent

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Sleeper Agent
ShadowHaven, Unknown Gang
Fast Ganger
Fast Ganger Jr
Ganger 2


The runners are to install a GPS tracking chip in a random ganger with a datajack. They take him in plain sight, stop the pursuit, install the chip, then kick him out of the back of a van.


The Meet

Jae arrives 15 minutes early and orders a drink. Twitch picks up Howler, almost hitting her with his car while showing off. ALMOST. No judging. They arrive about 10 minutes before, but there is no sign of the Johnson. He comes in at about 2 minutes to the meet time and calls them over. He explains that he wants some tracking data on cyberware, and the only thing he needs done is that the runners install a GPS tracking chip in a random ganger, and then drop the ganger back off. He wants the ganger to be taken in plain sight. He additionally sets the limits that it is not an awakened individual and the individual must have a datajack and it is to be done in his van. For this, he offers 8,000 nuyen. Twitch handles the chip and uses skinlink to check it out, verifying its only functionality is GPS tracking. With this knowledge, the team agrees to the terms.

The Plan

Twitch frowns as he sees the basic van with very little functionality. It does have a rig, so he is able to rig in. They drive around back alleys and find a couple possiblities. There is a small group of orc gangers walking, as well as 5 or so camped out by their bikes. The biker gangers start a patrol, and Twitch watches them with a drone as they go about and commit basic ganger atrocities. The team decides to focus on the group that's left. Twitch sees 4 commlinks and traces them back, locating 2 in a clubhouse and 2 in a garage. Howler confirms location and number using a Detect Life spell. In addition, Twitch sneaks a FlySpy into the clubhouse and sees that one of the aforementioned gangers is asleep on the couch. They decide this is the target.

Jae is going to sneak in, apply "sedative" (AKA, punch him in the face), then bring him out. On the way out, Twitch will make a big show pulling up with the vehicle, load him up, and take off.

The Run

Jae is assisted by Howler's Improved Invisibility spell and sneaks in flawlessly. She locks the second clubhouse ganger in the other room, then knocks the sleeping dwarf ganger out, fairly effectively. She carries him out as Twitch does a pinpoint U-turn stop outside the compound. This attracts the attention of the gangers. Jaeger is quickly inside the vehicle as the locked ganger realizes he has to bust the door down. At this point, no one has actually seen the vehicle, so Twitch does practically perfect donuts in their compound lot, much to Howler's dismay, while shouting, "We got your guy!" He takes off, now having been witnessed, and the gangers come after them on their bikes. Howler levitates one off his bike, and Jae shoots the crap out of him. Twitch steadily increases distance behind him, but it turns out to be moot point, as Howler levitates the second ganger in pursuit and the third is knocked unconscious by a combination flashbang and stunbolt.

The group takes the ganger to Jane Foster who installs the chip handily. The runners drive back to the gang compound, kick the ganger out of the back of the van and drive off.


The Johnson appreciates the work and releases the funds from Escrow. The runners drop the van back at the bar and go home.


  • 8,000 ny
  • 2 Karma
  • 2 CDP

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That van was a mess. If you're gonna get a bulldog, you gotta do more than just slap some paint and a very conspicuous ARO on it. I could barely make that junk go. Thank gooness we had some combat capable folks because there was no way I was outrunning them. I take my car next time.