Smoke on the water

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Smoke on the water
LocationThe Pacific Ocean
Factions Involved
Roadkill (Inactive)
Just some Human Traffickers


The party took down a group of human traffickers. After that they then got the 8 captives back home, in particular the one captive that the J had specifically called for.


Human traffickers abducted some young adults, one of which was the daughter of a friend of the Johnson.

The Meet

We first met in the matrix and were told not to say we were shadowrunners. We then did the in person meet and met the Johnson and the woman who's daughter was abducted.

The Plan

We planned to take a helicopter to the boat and raid the boat.

The Run

The party arrived at the second meet point, and got the chip to the boat, they then took Ojou's helicopter, and Omen summoned a spirit to conceal the helicopter. When they arrived at the boat they found it anchored so with the stealth chopper they hovered above the boat, and Omen threw a fireball, and Roadkill threw a grenade. The fireball took out a turret, and wounded two guys. Roadkill's grenade however took out the three guys playing cards. Hound shot his sniper rifle and took out another turret. But to our surprise a large turret was raised after a survivor rushed off to below deck. Combat had begun! Then all the guys fled below deck and the spirit went to chase them. It got punched by the adept. Then someone kicked down the door and gunned the adept down. Then they party gunned down the other guys. Omen then summoned another spirit to destroy the turrets, then they found the captives and returned them to their homes.


Only 8 of the kids were alive, but we got those kids back home.


8,000 nuyen each

9 karma each

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I summoned a rat spirit with horns, funny bugger, had him conceal the helicopter. Then he went and helped fight the thugs. After that I summoned another spirit to go destroy the turrets. Didn't do a lot, but did help out still.


Nice to get to help people for once. Thanks to Hound-san's skill with his rifle, Elizabeth was fine too! I should probably learn more about boats, honestly.