Snake Eye's Inititation Run 1

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Snake Eye's Inititation Run 1
LocationEverett, Seattle
Result Small theft at local museum chalked up to crazy kids on a dare. Coyote got a small piece of their soul back.
Factions Involved
Mage Security R' US Coyote Mentor Spirit, Snake Eye's
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
None RIP 3 Force 4 Summon Failures


Snake Eye's has been getting his drek handed to him too frequently. He doesn't want to get involved directly in fights and talk his way through them, but he keeps having to go in hot. He and Coyote want to change that.


Snake Eye's is training in his apartment when Coyote comes tempting him with the opportunity for more power. Snake Eye's is uneasy as Coyote tempts him into a brief show of force where he laughs at Snake Eye's attempt at harming him. Coyote wants him to be able to avoid fights better and sneak around better so he wants Snake Eye's to make a stealthy retrieval of a clay figure containing his soul from a local museum in Everett using as little magic as possible.


Snake Eye's called up his cab to get a ride over to the location in Everett. While on the way over, he asked if there was anything special about the museum, and he found out that it was mostly a dinky museum with trinkets and niknaks. He goes in, and scoops out the place, mostly filled with curiosities and the like. The item he was after, though, was behind a mana barrier, but it was also on the second floor near a skylight. He found a nearby alley with a fire escape and planned his heist on the place.

Snake Eye's used many castings of Barriers to create stepping platforms for him to cross the rooftops and then tried unsuccessfully many times to summon a force 4 spirit, with Coyote laughing in his ears about not trying to use so much magic. Snake Eye's eventually resigned himself for going in, but not before summoning a force 2 spirit to take out the camera and the skylight. He jumped down and started trying to hammer into the barrier with his magic, but neither he and the spirit were strong enough to overcome it with their might. Snake Eye's instead shot the glass case around it, slipped his hand through the barrier, and took the statue. As he was leaving, a spirit from the mage who was assigned security here arrived and the small spirit was sent to deal with it. Snake Eye's tried his hand at sneaking in the astral with his new masking, but was seen through. He still had much to learn, but did influence it away so he could erase his astral signature from the place before fleeing. Coyote then sucked the piece of his soul from the statue, which had been emminating a negative aura which might have been why it was behind the mana barrier.

As the last part of the run, Coyote wanted to show Snake Eye's what lied ahead, the Dweller on the Threshold. As the two of them grew closer, the astral started smelling of rosemary and there were hundreds upon thousands spirits gathering at this astral intersection and their presence started closing in around Snake Eye's until he got to the Dweller. What he saw there was a mirror of him as a little boy before his awakening: poor, hungry, scared, disdained, with the scorn of those around him being amplified as the spirits started turning into figures of his past, all looking at him with negative feelings. The scent of rosemary was overpowering, and Coyote's laughter was heard throughout the crowd til Snake Eye's heard him ask if he wanted power. But it wasn't to this side of the mirror he was talking to, he was talking to the scared little boy on the other side. Snake Eye's said that he didn't want his power and then awoke back in his apartment with the only thing connecting him to what had just happened being the sweat on his back, the rosemary on his nose, and the laughter of Coyote falling away in his mind.


Snake Eye's did some training in order to become a real magic boy, and got to see one more step into the realm that is magic.


6 Karma and discount on Initiation

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