Someone reboot the router

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Someone reboot the router
Status Threat Level: low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Rats
La Rompedor
Reign Of Bullets
Casualties and losses


The runner arrived at the meet to help the J . fix a the public grid


Someone was trying to bring down the public grin to weaken the barrens, noting super evil is going on

The Meet

The runners showed up at the bar to meet with the J, who asked them to check out a station and make sure that it was up and running.

The Plan

There was no plan only rushing and rats

The Run

The team made it to the place and got it up and running, after fighting the horde of rats trying to eat them, for they are rats. and with the help with the J trying to fix the place back up and running after it was shut down for some reason.


Noting evil is happening


8000 Nuyen (4 RVP)

4 Karma (4 RVP)


Optional Contact Ronin Koike Fixer 1/3 (RVP 3 )

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

Fluster: Well... This was a Drekshow at its FINEST. Johnson was a Stiff, Team was full of nice people but htere was a few Crazies. We get there, one of htem literally jumps out and lets out WAVES of rats. Eveveryones screaming and shooting all over the place till that was handled. Then I had to fix the commtower while everyone else was looking around shoting the shit. All and all, pretty good run, wish my team could hold a plan for more then 4 seconds.

La Rompedor: I don't get what the problem was it was just some excessively nibbly rats. Geuss deckers are just not cut out for being anywhere outside. Plus side I got a new rat pet!

Snowman: "Who the hell takes public transportation to a job? Right off the bat the support called the Johnson a bitch and almost got our take cut in half. After we salvaged that we had to borrow a damn van cause I couldn't stuff the crew in the back of my car. A long drawn-out attempt at finding the location later and Rompedor the Pangilinan kicked in the back door and a swarm of filthy damn rats swarmed out and started gnawing on us. A few short seconds, and a lot of rounds, later the rats were dead and I was covered in rat viscera. The cherry bomb called the Johnson and we managed to get the substation up and running, got paid, and now I need to head home and take a bath in bleach."