Sowing the Fruits of Discord - Available Now!

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Sowing the Fruits of Discord - Available Now!

It's here - the anticipated debut album from the band that rocked Seattle with its hit single "Horizon For No One," Sowing the Fruits of Discord, by Derelict Hardware!

Track List:

  1. Preaching Secrets
  2. Kill Me
  3. Horizon For No One
  4. Sad Sacks of Seattle
  5. Steal, Steal, Steal!
  6. Flirting Gifts & A Festering Pain
  7. Brackhaven Fucked The Kids (Frank Turner tribute. Bo Rip Solo)
  8. Infected With Jaded Screams
  9. Statues of Vandals to Vandalize
  10. Epitaph of a Socialite
  11. Break Through The Euphoria
  12. Fuck It (Bo Rip and Tr0j4n duet)
  13. I'll Be The One Gunned Down

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<Boxcar> Yes! Yes! Yes! A big "fuck you" to Horizon and Brackhaven, and all the fraggers who've run this hellhole of a town even deeper in the ground!
<T3t4nu5> H4v3 u f0und th3 s3cr3t tr4cks? Th3r3's 3 0f '3m!
<imagine_no_dragons> tbh i was hoping the rest of the album would have the same clear sound as Horizon For No One, but im glad its on the album
<tr1pc0de> I see you haven't found the extra secret tracks. ;)
<Deathfucker> Honestly I wasn't sold on that single, but the rest of these tracks are pretty great. Bo's vocals on Brackhaven are real as shit.