Spartan Spirit

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Spartan Spirit
Location(Target site of the run)
Factions Involved


Team is to investigate the disappearance of an Ares Macrotechnology executive who was searching for a magical artifact. Team finds said artifact and the Ares exec, convinces the resident free spirit protecting the artifact that the captured exec's captors are here to steal the artifact...the captors are summarily murdered.


Free spirit of Aristodemus aims to regain and surpass the honor he lost at Thermopolyae. He intends to do this by uplifting an ARES exec down on his luck....and then possessing him.

The Meet

Team meets the J's contact at the Seattle Museum, and the J specifies that the team is to go to Greece to rescue said executive, who is searching for Olympian artefacts.

The Plan

Team plans to go to Greece and search where the executive went missing, being within the location of ancient sparta. The team plans to retrace the Exec's steps in order to find where he likely is.

The Run

The team makes it to Sparta and begins searching the ruins. they find the Executives map of the region, as well as circles for the locations in which he was looking for the artifacts. The team crates a triangle of the points and chooses the center of the three points (making sure to evade Leonidas' tomb, where armed men are. Upon entering the center - where the info center is - Stygian goes downstairs to confront a large free spirit. He tells the spirit of their purpose and then mentions the men defiling Leonidas' tomb, the spirit goes into a rage and proceeds to kill all the armed men, letting the team take the executive and quietly slip away.


Team easily rescues the executive, but leaves a bloody mess in their wake.


  • ¥14,000
  • 5 Karma
  • 2 CDP

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